Athletics is an integral component of our commitment to a holistic education — one founded on the Benedictine principle of balance. Whether you're an NCAA Division II athlete, an intramural enthusiast or a rec center regular, your health and well-being is the linchpin to an education that balances mind, body and spirit.

Saint Martin's Saints

Saint Martin’s athletes are students first. Across campus, you will find Saints living the student-athlete experience — physicist-golfers, biologist-volleyball players, engineer-hoopsters.

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Student-athletes are master jugglers — tested and practiced in the challenges of time management and organization. They are better students because they are athletes and better athletes because they are serious students. With six men’s and seven women’s teams, Saint Martin’s offers a variety of varsity sports ranging from golf to volleyball to track and field.

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Intramural sports

Intramural sports at Saint Martin's is a community affair. Students, faculty, staff and alumni participate in a variety of sports in a friendly, semi-competitive environment. Best of all, there's no experience necessary. Bring your friends and come for the fun of it!

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Most leagues run six weeks, playing on Tuesday nights or Wednesday nights or both.

Flag Football
Indoor soccer

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  • Intercollegiate athletes

    Intercollegiate athletes are allowed to compete with their coach's written permission. However, student-athletes will not be allowed to play the intramural sport that is the equivalent of their intercollegiate sport until they gain alumni status or the year after they run out of eligibility.

Stay fit!

Our 36,000 square foot state-of-the-art Charneski Recreation Center makes staying in shape a cinch! With weights and cardio equipment, a three-lane track and batting cages — just a few of our rec center amenities — you'll find everything you need to keeping your heart pumping. You’ll also have access to wellness classes such as yoga and Zumba.

Students working out in the weight area of the Charneski rec center
Getting started

If you are a student taking at least six credits, or faculty, staff or a member of the monastic community, the rec center is here for you -- free to use with your Saint Martin’s ID card.

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Cheerleading, SMU style!

The Saint Martin's University cheerleading team is an exciting opportunity for men and women to get involved on campus. Cheerleaders focus on cheer skills, choreography, and stunting, and perform at all men's and women's basketball games.

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Cheerleaders at the annual #PackthePavilion basketball game

Team practice

The team practices three times per week from 4-6 p.m. Try-outs occur at the end of spring semester and the beginning of fall semester. The Saint Martin's University cheerleading team is open to men and women of all levels.

  • Team try-outs

    Try-outs for the cheerleading team occur in the Charneski Recreation Center in the April prior to the next academic year.

    Try-outs for the 2016-2017 academic year, TBD.

    Practice sessions on the two days preceding try-outs allow participants to learn the material. Participation is required. High school freshman and above are allowed to attend. Curriculum will include sideline cheering, learning the Saint Martin’s University fight song, cheering, and jumps. Tumbling is not a requirement for Saint Martin’s University cheerleading; however, participants may demonstrate this skill if they choose.

    Female attire: Fitted shorts and fitted sleeveless waist length sports top. Saint Martin’s University colors or black, red, or white. Hair half up with a bow towards the back (sides pulled back: no pony tails). Game day make up.

    Male attire: Clean hair style. Saint Martin’s University colors or black, red, or white. Polo style shirt or T-shirt with gym shorts.

  • FAQs

    How may cheer squads does Saint Martin's University have?
    We have one cheer squad that cheers for basketball games.

    How many people are on the team?
    For the 2015-2016 year, our team’s capacity is 15 participants.

    Is Saint Martin's University cheerleading a competitive program? If so, where?
    We are now a competitive cheer squad and will be competing in April at the NCA College Nationals.

    How often do you practice and for how long?
    The team will practice three times a week and each practice is two hours.

    Are practices mandatory?
    All practices are mandatory. Being on this team is a commitment.

    Does the cheer squad travel with the sports that they cheer for?
    The cheer squad does not travel with the basketball teams for cheer.

    What are the expectations/requirements for being on the team?
    It is expected that all cheerleaders attend all practices, attend assigned basketball games, attend required appearances such as the homecoming pep rally and Jingle Bell Run, maintain a 2.5 cumulated GPA throughout their time on the squad, are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours, comply with the regulations of Saint Martin's University Athletics and the cheerleading team, and participate in all fundraising efforts and events.

    Are there summer commitments?
    Yes, there are summer commitments that will consist of an independent conditioning program, special appearances, mandatory summer camp and fundraisers.

    How much does it cost to be on the team?
    The cost to be on the team can run around $350. 1/3 of costs will be due soon after tryouts and are non-refundable (there are exceptions for special circumstances).

    Are there scholarships available?
    We do not have scholarships available to squad members; however, we do organize numerous types of fundraisers to help pay for certain cheer expenses.

    When are tryouts?
    Try-outs will run Friday and Saturday.

    Do you accept video tryouts?
    We would prefer to see all potential team members in person but if the tryout dates conflict with approved prior commitments or location, we do allow a video tape tryout. You will need to contact the coach, Maddie Bogacz, at for all the necessary elements to be included in the video as well and a deadline to submit it. Please be aware that higher expectations will be placed on those that send in video tryout.

    What do I need to wear to tryouts?
    Female participants will need to wear fitted shorts and fitted sleeveless waist length sports top. It is required that participants wear Saint Martin's University colors which are black, red, and white. Hair half up with a bow towards the back as you are able to with your current hairstyle. The sides of your hair should be pulled back. Please wear game day make up. Male participants should have a clean hair style and be game day ready. Polo style shirt or T-shirt with gym shorts. It is required that participants wear Saint Martin's University colors which are black, red, and white.

    Are incoming freshman allowed to tryout and able to cheer during the seasons?
    Yes, incoming freshman are allowed to tryout and will cheer all regular sporting events.

    What do I need to bring to tryouts?
    You will need to bring your insurance information and a copy of a recent physical. If you do not show proof of insurance and a current physical, you will not be allowed to tryout.

Students using squat rack at Rec center
Student performing hang clean exercise
Students performing aerobic exercise
Students participating in Zumba class
Students playing basketball
Saint Martin's Women's soccer goalkeeper drop kicking soccer ball.
Saint Martin's Men's basketball team introduction before game
Saint Martin's track and field athletic jumping a hurdle