Spiritual Life Insitute

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Ian Werrett, Ph.D.
Associate professor of religious studies
Director, Spiritual Life Institute


The 33rd Annual Spiritual Life Institute

Illuminated Manuscripts, Scribal Practices, and the Transmission of Scripture
July 6-10, 2015

For over thirty years the Religious Studies Department at Saint Martin's University has offered a unique theology program that explores the history, ethics, and beliefs of the world's religious traditions. Each summer, renowned theologians, scholars of religion, and advocates for social justice share their thoughts and experiences with students in order to inspire awareness, challenge preconceived notions, and shed light upon the spiritual journey in an increasingly globalized world.

The Spiritual Life Institute is a five-day intensive learning program in which participants:

Dialogue with scholars and practitioners who are active in the study of religion, theological reflection, and the propagation of peace and justice;

Engage with educators and scholars who creatively share their wisdom, vision, and experiences;

Reflect on emerging expressions of spirituality and faith so as to broaden our understanding of the religious experience and create the possibility for personal and social transformation.