Established in 1895 by monks of the Roman Catholic Order of Saint Benedict, the Saint Martin’s community is shaped by its Benedictine heritage; a legacy characterized by a commitment to intellectual and spiritual growth, hospitality and service.

Following The Rule of Saint Benedict

Benedictine communities are encouraged — through inquiry and self-examination — to grow in all areas of life, strengthening through faith, self-reflection and personal rigor. As a community, Saint Martin’s seeks to cultivate those qualities universally agreed upon to be worth pursuing: kindness, compassion, love, patience, diligence, rigor, respect and open-heartedness, to name just a few.

Rooted in St. Benedict of Nursia’s guide — called The Rule of Saint Benedict — which sets forth principles for monks living in Christian community, our Benedictine heritage acts as our lodestar. It guides our choices as an institution and continually reminds us to care for ourselves and others, listen with our hearts, nurture and develop our communities and stand for those in need.

The precepts of The Rule of St. Benedict permeate the atmosphere at Saint Martin’s University. They can be felt in every building, in every office, in every classroom where the members of the Saint Martin’s community live in service to one another and the world around them.

Underlying life at Saint Martin’s is an active commitment — a willingness — on the part of each member of the community to espouse and pursue the Benedictine ideal; an ideal that directly impacts all activity. It is the richness of the Benedictine tradition woven into life that makes Saint Martin’s University unique. And with renewed vision, this same tradition leads us into the future.


The monks of Saint Martin's

Father Kilian at homecoming

Meet Father Kilian '64

Religious studies professor Father Kilian Malvey '64 is known for his openness and ability to hold many perspectives with care and compassion, traits which endear him to all who encounter him.

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Over a century of community

The monks of St. Martin's Abbey are beloved and active members in our University community, serving as professors and administrators, working alongside staff and faculty and inspiring our students since 1895. 

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A tradition of preserving and sharing

Saint John's Bible

The Illuminated Bible

On public display in O'Grady Library is copy of the Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition, the first handwritten, illuminated Bible created since the invention of the printing press more than 500 years ago is on public display. The book was commissioned “to ignite the spiritual imagination of believers throughout the world,” 

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St. Benedict statue near Abbey Church

Art at Saint Martin's

Saint Martin's campus features a beautiful and extensive collection of paintings, sculptures and tapestries from the Abbey art collection which inspire mindfulness and reflection.

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