The exploration of faith plays a central role in your intellectual and spiritual journey. Interfaith initiatives at Saint Martin’s seek to cultivate a campus-wide commitment to religious awareness, cooperation, acceptance, and dialogue.

Spiritual life

Saint Martin's University: Spiritual Life

Interfaith programs

Inspired by our Catholic, Benedictine tradition, our interfaith programs promote the call to be in “dialogue and collaboration with followers of other religions” (Nostra Aetate). We establish interfaith as a vehicle for mutual understanding among people whose worldviews differ widely but whose aim is to find common ground to advance the common good in our communities.

Interfaith initiatives offer students, faculty, and staff opportunities to foster interfaith dialogue, explore religious beliefs, and promote service engagement. 

Interfaith Leadership

Interfaith leadership programs educate students in the rich tradition and practice of interfaith dialogue and cooperation.  As emerging leaders, our students examine the importance of faith in their own experiences and in our society.  Interfaith leaders envision faith and religion as a means to transform our world for justice and peace.

Justice:  “That in all things God may be glorified” — Rule of Benedict 57         

Interfaith Service

Interfaith service programs engage students from different faith and religious traditions in real-life contexts and issues.  Students learn the meaning of interfaith cooperation and action by focusing on a mutual concern in their communities.  Their faith and religious differences become bridges rather than obstacles to furthering social justice.

Respect for persons:  “No one is to pursue what is judged best for oneself, but instead, what is better for someone else.” — Rule of Benedict 72