In the Benedictine tradition, education reaches far beyond the world of fact and intellect to embrace the holiness within each person – that grain or kernel of God that gives each of our lives significance and purpose. Saint Martin’s encourages each member of its community to explore and grow spiritually, to love and respect others; and to mirror that reflection of God within us in the choices we make and the actions we take. Spirituality is the beating heart of Saint Martin’s, and from it comes our commitment to welcome others with open hearts, help those in need and care for the world we live in. It is woven into the fabric of University life in and out of the classroom, and particularly encouraged by opportunities to take part in religious services and studies, Campus Ministry, community service and social justice activities.

Monk teaching class

Building a just world

As a Benedictine university, our tradition is to value each member of the community for his or her uniqueness and the gifts they bring to the whole. We carry this value through in activities that further social, racial and economic justice and equality in society.

Japanese and Arab students together

Embracing all faiths

In the Catholic faith tradition, interfaith cooperation and peace-making are essential. We welcome students of all faiths and those with no faith, knowing that through interfaith dialogue and working together, our students grow in understanding, empathy and respect for one another.

Father peter teaching lesson on zombies

Spiritual understanding

What do you believe? We offer an accepting environment that encourages students to explore their faith and values. Activities shared with others enable both personal spiritual growth and the chance to study the complex role faith and religion play in history and today’s world.

Committed to diversity

International and domestic students volunteer at a local event

Just as diversity provides strength and resilience in natural ecosystems, so, we believe, it strengthens our University community.

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Worshipping together

Communion at the mass of Saint Martin's

Members of our community from all religions and religious backgrounds are invited and encouraged to participate in Campus Ministry services and classes.

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Caring for the Earth

A student examining biology samples

One of the Benedictine tenets that guides Saint Martin’s is “stewardship,” responsibly caring for the land and resources that sustain us and will support future generations.

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