Why SM is important to SMU

Social media is maturing. It is no longer separated from websites as a medium that is used only by a minority on the Internet. Do you buy products online without reading user reviews? When interested in a product, do you seek out only the official marketing materials such as brochures or what the company has posted on their website?

Conversation is content. Social media has enabled business to turn customer conversation into marketing content. It is authentic and genuine, but not written by us, it is written by our customers. How do we leverage these conversations which are going on with or without our guidance?

Social media has many benefits.

  • Provides an avenue for discussion and engagement about Saint Martin’s brand.
  • Gives an authentic voice in conjunction to our official marketing materials
  • Adds a real-time view of the Saint Martin’s community
  • Using social media enables discussion and engagement with our internal and external communities
  • By adding social media into print and traditional web campaigns, we can extend the discussion and engagement to media that was traditionally broadcast only.
  • Social media can extend our message to communities not reached with traditional media
  • We can use social media to more accurately target certain demographics by monitoring usage trends.