Student rights and responsibilities

Upon registration with the University, the student and/or his or her parent(s) or legal guardian, acknowledges and agrees to accept responsibility and the legal obligation to pay all tuition costs, room and board fees, and any other fees incurred or to be incurred at the University.

The student and/or the parent(s) or legal guardian understands that this debt is considered a loan made for educational purposes at a non-profit institution of higher education and as such is generally non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

By enrolling with Saint Martin's University, the student authorizes the University to communicate with collection and credit reporting agencies and other similar services for the purposes of obtaining from and furnishing to such agencies appropriate information about the student with the making, payment, and collection of this educational debt.

The student understands that all fees and costs of collection will be the student's responsibility in the event collection action becomes necessary. A failure to pay all university bills when due shall prevent the University from continuing to provide applicable educational benefits and services, which include, but are not limited to, the right to future registration, grade reports, transcripts or diplomas. The full collection policy document is available in the Student Financial Service Center for any student who is interested or has questions regarding the University's policy.