Student health insurance

Students who are enrolled half-time or more on the Lacey campus are required to have health insurance coverage. Students who have their own coverage must submit an online waiver form directly to the University's health insurance provider by the first day of the semester. Waivers are good for the academic year provided that the coverage listed has not changed.

For information regarding the University's student health insurance plan, please see the Summary of Benefits and Coverage document at or by contacting Wells Fargo Insurance Services at (800) 853-5899.

Plan costs and coverage dates

  Fall Spring/Summer Summer
Coverage 8/25/15 - 1/10/16 1/11/16 - 8/24/16 5/16/16 - 8/24/16
Waiver deadline 9/14/15 2/1/16 6/30/16
Student only $949 $1,543 $692



Health Insurance waiver form

Students are required to submit the online health insurance waiver form by the first day of the term. If the waiver has been accepted, the insurance charge will be removed from the student's account within approximately three business days. If the waiver is denied, the student will have the opportunity to appeal the request directly online.


International waiver form

All international students are required to have health insurance coverage. International students must contact the Office of International Programs 360-438-4375 for more information.

The completed form must be received in the Office of International Programs by the first day of the semester to be valid for that enrollment period.

For more information regarding the University's insurance coverage through First Choice Health, click or call 800-467-5281.

Claim forms are processed through AG Administrators and can be found at this link College Accident.

To process your claim please submit the following pieces of information:

  1. Completed and signed claim form (if applicable - see below)
  2. Itemized bills
  3. Explanation of benefits from your primary insurance carrier

These documents should be mailed or faxed to:

A-G Administrators, Inc.
Claims Department
P.O. Box 979
Valley Forge, PA 19482
610-933-4122 Fax
610-933-0800 Phone 800-634-8628 Toll free

Claim form - This is not required for a sickness claim, but is required for all accident claims. However, if a claim form is not submitted and the adjuster needs additional information regarding a sickness claim he or she may request it to be completed and submitted.

Itemized Bill - Please include copies of all medical bills, showing the name and address of the provider of service, date of service, type of service and the charges. Account statements or "balance due" statements are helpful, but do not contain all the information needed to process the charges.

Explanation of Benefits (If Applicable) - If you have other medical insurance, all medical bills must be first submitted to that carrier for their determination of eligibility. If the charges are not paid in full by the other medical insurance carrier we will need to see a copy of the "Explanation of Benefits" from that carrier prior to issuing benefits from this office. If you have no primary medical insurance the need for an "Explanation of Benefits" will not be applicable to your claim.