Remember the priority funding deadline is March 1.

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Financial aid FAQ's

  1. What does FAFSA stand for?
    Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You can apply online after January 1, at Students, who are not applying for federal funds must submit a FAFSA non-filer form to the Student Financial Services Office.
  2. Does Saint Martin's University have a priority funding FAFSA deadline?
    The priority deadline is March 1
  1. What is our school code? What is our 8-digit school code?
    School code: 003794
  2. Why are you asking for tax info, etc...?
    Federal regulations require that if you have been selected for verification that we certify your household size, earnings, etc; to ensure proper calculation of your financial aid eligibility.
  3. What is the difference between merit based aid and need based aid?
    Merit based aid is eligibility based on a student's academic credentials. Need based aid is eligibility based on financial need (determined from FAFSA).
  4. How do I determine if I have need?
    To determine need you take the cost of attendance (COA-determined by the university) subtract your estimated family contribution (EFC-from the FAFSA), the total is your need.
  5. Should I pay for a scholarship search?
    Never pay for a scholarship search. There are many free websites that offer great information on scholarships available for all levels of education. You can find other scholarship search sites at our website.
  6. How much in institutional scholarships does Saint Martin's award each year?
    In 2013-14, Saint Martin's gave more than $15.3 million of its own money in the form of grants and scholarships to its students, thanks to our generous scholarship donors. With few exceptions, students who apply for financial aid at Saint Martin's automatically become eligible for any Saint Martin's University scholarship whose criteria they meet. For more information go to the scholarships and grants pages.
  7. What is considered to be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and how could it affect my financial aid?
    Student Financial Services is required to monitor the SAP for all students, receiving aid or not. The process is separate from the academic progress that is monitored by the Academic Standards Committee. Visit the SAP page for more information.