Getting started

Apply for admission with Saint Martin's.

Apply for benefits through, the VA requires up to 30-45 days to process any paperwork submitted to them. Once eligibility and rate of percentage has been determined, a certificate of eligibility (COE) is mailed to your home address. Once the COE is received the veteran must provide a copy of the COE to the Registrar’s Office.

Dependents approved to utilize benefits must also apply for benefits online through the VA website. The dependent will receive notification of the transfer approval.

If you are a transfer student and have used your benefits at your prior institution, you need to provide a copy of the COE and fill out the Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (22-5495). COE’s may be obtained through your prior institutions veterans representative. Change of Program or Place of Training is available in the Registrar’s Office or on the VA website.

Once registered complete the SMU Request for Certification Form and submit it to the Veteran’s Representative. This is the only way the VA Rep will know you are planning to attend SMU and that you want to use your benefits. After completing the Request for Certification Form you will be certified electronically by the VA Rep to the VA.

Saint Martin's Veterans Certification Policy

For veterans certification the veteran or dependent must provide a certificate of eligibility prior to being certified. They must first be registered for courses that they are being certified. Saint Martin’s University will not pre-certify for courses in advanced, students must be registered under advisor approval. Saint Martin’s will not participate in accelerated pay if student is using Chapter 33. The VA pays directly to the school, tuition and fees should not be reported to the VA prior to bills being assessed to ensure accuracy of tuition and fees. If student is certified prior to proof of entitlement and registration the student may incur debt to the VA, which will become the student’s responsibility not the institution. The VA certifying official is responsible for reporting tuition and fees directly to the VA and must keep records as accurate as possible so the student is not liable for mistakes by the institution, VA and certifying official.