Mission and goals

The Office of Intercultural Initiatives (OII) creates a respectful and engaging learning community that promotes multicultural understanding and social justice awareness for Saint Martin's University.

To achieve our mission, OII sponsors a variety of initiatives that focus on three areas:

  • Services that support underrepresented and underserved students
  • Programs that foster critical multicultural awareness
  • Opportunities that engage participants in social justice education and action.

Emphasizing these areas helps Saint Martin's work towards a more engaging campus community that transforms systems of exclusion and oppression and prepares students to become fully engaged participants within the broader society.

In so doing, OII seeks to meet the following goals:

  • Support the academic success of underserved and underrepresented students that fosters holistic development.
  • Develop multicultural programs, services, and events that engage participants in critical learning opportunities.
  • Promote social justice awareness and education for the campus community that encourages participants to become effective agents for change.