Aaron Goings with colleagues in Finland

Saint returns to teach

“Outstanding faculty mentored me throughout my career at Saint Martin's, and helped me to develop a strong interest in social justice, work and class struggle.”

Aaron Goings College of Arts & Sciences Professor of History

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Communication Studies students at Saint Martin's

Hearing what isn't said

"The goal of communication studies at Saint Martin’s is to encourage students to become responsible leaders, engaged citizens [who seek] ... social justice on a scale beyond themselves."

Irina Gendelman College of Arts & Sciences Professor of Communications

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Unsinkable Saints

“They may not remember a lot of the assignments they did in class, but 20 years from now, they’ll remember the concrete canoe competition and the other students they worked with.”

John Sladek Retired Professor of Engineering

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Jeneva Burton '15

I am their story

“I am Martin Luther King’s dream, Harriet Tubman’s walk, Wilma Rudolph’s run and Malcolm X’s fight — I am their story.”

Jeneva Burton Criminology and Criminal Justice Class of 2015

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Benedictine Scholar, Hope Chamberlain

This is my fire

"This would never have been possible without the incredible generosity of so many people."

Hope Chamberlain English Class of 2016

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Angela Hoffman, O.S.B. '72

A more sustainable medicine

"If all you do is teach what’s in the textbook, that is information gathered by someone else. Let’s just do the new stuff. It’s a lot more fun to make it than talk about it."

Angela Hoffman Secondary Education Class of 1972

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