Cristina Luevano '17 by the seaside

What in the World!

Had you talked to me fall semester of 2015, I would have told you exactly who I was, what I believed in and where I was going. If you ask me now, I’m not sure I could give a straight answer.

Cristina Luevano Class of 2017

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Norcia Leadership Community comes together for weekly Sunday dinners

What's for dinner

"For many students, the Norcia community truly is their home away from home. While there are many other opportunities to become a leader on campus, the Norcia community is the perfect place to start and learn many crucial leadership skills."

Connor Stakelin Communication studies Class of 2018

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Saint Martin's students intern at the Washington State Legistlature


"The Washington State Legislative Internship changed my life. From this experience, I figured out what career I wanted to pursue and it opened up so many doors for my future."

Jaime Rosenberg Literary studies Class of 2016

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