Image that shows the old stars with radial velocities calculated by Saint Martin’s astrophysics students around the globular cluster NGC 6441. The red symbols designate stars that are moving with the cluster, and the grey symbols designate the stars that are not.

Exploring our galaxy

"For the final project in the astrophysics class, the students calculated the motions of pulsating stars as they travel through space."

Andrea Kunder, Ph.D. Physics

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Photo taken from the shores of Shaw Island

Reconnecting through retreat

"The Benedictine values have impacted how I see the world, and I have learned how beneficial it is to balance your work and religious life." 

Tracey Porter Psychology Class of 2020

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Photo of Lyndsay Morris, M.Ed. '08 with students

Mindfulness and middle school

"I realized that so much of our current education system is teaching from the chin up, but a lot of times we have to start with the body or the heart before we can get to the brain."

Lyndsay Morris Master of Education Class of 2008

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Photo of Alyssa Slate '17 and Robert Hauhart, Ph.D., professor of criminal justice, sociology and legal studies.

From assignment to anthology

"I learned a great deal from this experience and I’d encourage other students to take on any academic challenge or opportunity that they might face."

Alyssa Slate Criminology and criminal justice Class of 2017

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