Photo of Ian Werrett, Ph.D., and his son, Oliver, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Returning to the wilderness

"In the fall and spring of 1996 and 1997, I was working at an archaeological site called Ein Gedi along the shores of the Dead Sea. To say that the experience changed my life is an understatement."

Ian Werrett College of Arts and Sciences Professor of Religious Studies

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Photo of Justin Kover

Building the law

"I would tell anyone that, whatever it is you dream of doing, don’t let that dream go."

Justin Kover Political science Class of 2013

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Moana in Fantasmic at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park

Making magic every day

"Saint Martin’s has helped me get out of my comfort zone and try things that I never would’ve tried before."

Kerrigan Ah Mook Sang Business administration Class of 2016

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Photo of Reggie Parker '90

Fighting to turn young lives around

"I think without Saint Martin’s I wouldn’t be at Green Hill because the education I got was very helpful for me – very motivating, and very engaging. It provided hope for me."

Reggie Parker Class of 1990

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