Photo of Lauren Curtis, Emily Coyle, Ph.D., Dana Henry, and Kiernan Hawthrone

Hearing the homeless

"I think it’s important for everyone to take a step back and understand that there are many reasons why one can become homeless.” 

Dana Henry Psychology Class of 2019

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Photo of a Tesla Model 3, courtesy of Tesla

Saints in the field

"Saint Martin’s University prepared me for my internship by teaching me to provoke thoughtful and meaningful discussion."

Zakeel Gordon Business Administration Class of 2017

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Children from the Lacey Boys and Girls Club and a Saint Martin's student at the Nisqually River estuary

Encouraging young conservationists

"Some of these kids could make careers out of this or find their passion in other ways, but it's a great opportunity all around to help out the younger generation."

Netania Craig Biology Class of 2017

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Photo of MBA students Montserrat Walker, John My, and Jason Loihle

Lean Six Sigma

"The School of Business wants students to have real experiences in organizations to match theory with practice."

Wendy Fraser, Ph.D. School of Business Adjunct Professor of Business

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