Photo of Lyndsay Morris, M.Ed. '08 with students

Mindfulness and middle school

"I realized that so much of our current education system is teaching from the chin up, but a lot of times we have to start with the body or the heart before we can get to the brain."

Lyndsay Morris Master of Education Class of 2008

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Photo of Alyssa Slate '17 and Robert Hauhart, Ph.D., professor of criminal justice, sociology and legal studies.

From assignment to anthology

"I learned a great deal from this experience and I’d encourage other students to take on any academic challenge or opportunity that they might face."

Alyssa Slate Criminology and Criminal Justice Class of 2017

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Photo of Jamie Olson, Ph.D.

The art and science of translation

"It’s a much slower process to translate poetry than to translate prose. You have to have a feel for poetic language to be able to give a sense of what’s happening in the Russian." 

Jamie Olson, Ph.D. College of Arts & Sciences Associate Professor and Chair of the English Department

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Photo of students and faculty from the School of Business who participated in the Thurston Boss of the Year program

People-centered leadership

"Through our participation with this program, students learn proven strategies that motivate and empower employees."

Lisa Power, Ph.D., MBA School of Business Assistant Professor, Business and Economics

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Photo of Tam Dinh, Ph.D.,

Social work as social justice

“We want to be sure that we’re responsive to the needs of our community.”

Tam Dinh, Ph.D. College of Arts & Sciences Associate Professor and Program Director of the Social Work Program

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