Jeneva Burton '15

I am their story

“I am Martin Luther King’s dream, Harriet Tubman’s walk, Wilma Rudolph’s run and Malcolm X’s fight — I am their story.”

Jeneva Burton Criminology and criminal justice Class of 2015

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Benedictine Scholar, Hope Chamberlain

This is my fire

"This would never have been possible without the incredible generosity of so many people."

Hope Chamberlain Literary studies Class of 2016

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Angela Hoffman, O.S.B. '72

A more sustainable medicine

"If all you do is teach what’s in the textbook, that is information gathered by someone else. Let’s just do the new stuff. It’s a lot more fun to make it than talk about it."

Angela Hoffman Secondary education Class of 1972

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Amy Pollard visits St. Agnes Primary School

Tell them about us

"When I think about Father Zeno’s words, I become overwhelmed. I could tell you a story exclusively about poverty and suffering. Or I could tell you a different story."

Amy Pollard Literary studies Class of 2016

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Photo of Kim Menius with Professor Robert Hauhart, Ph.D., J.D.

The collaborators

"Even though students could go about publication alone, I feel that having a professor to work with and support my goals made a huge difference in both the quality and process of the work."

Kim Menius

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