John Iglesias MBA’01, PhD candidate

Mastering Business, Developing People

“The MBA program and the content helped me understand that there is so much more in the leadership of organizations than managers and employees. My program of study helped me clarify that I wanted to be in a leadership role where I could be helping people, developing others, and learning from other people as well.”

John Iglesias MBA’01, PhD candidate Master of Business Administration Class of 2001

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Photo of Marie McCullers '13, BSN '19 on the path in front of Harned Hall

A Saint twice over

“The campus is beautiful, the people are amazing, and everyone’s always willing to help. It started with the monks, and they're still helping." 

Marie McCullers Nursing RN to BSN Class of 2013 and 2019

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Photo of Gibran Zaman '17 (front and center) with the EA dynamic omni-channel messaging (DOM) team

Leveling up

"Think about the industry you want to be in, care about it, research it, understand it. Be passionate about what you want to do. Don’t be afraid."

Gibran Zaman Business administration Class of 2017

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Photo of Ponce Durr '09

A passion to improve

"Think about how your choices will help you grow as a person...think about how you can affect not just one life, but many lives."

Ponce Durr Sociology and cultural anthropology Class of 2009

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Photo of Bethany Partin '03 and Mariah Partin '18

Teaching with heart

"I think Saint Martin’s helps you grow into the person you thought it wasn’t quite possible to be. When you look back, you think, wow, they helped me discover myself."

Bethany Partin and Mariah Partin Class of 2003 and 2018

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Photo of Nohelia Suce '18 and her husband, Junior Suce

Saint named Military Spouse of the Year

"[The faculty and staff] allowed me to continue my education knowing the hardships of being a military spouse. The professors worked with me and never gave up on me when deployments occurred or when my family had to change duty stations."

Nohelia Suce Psychology Class of 2018

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