Photo of Nohelia Suce '18 and her husband, Junior Suce

Saint named Military Spouse of the Year

"[The faculty and staff] allowed me to continue my education knowing the hardships of being a military spouse. The professors worked with me and never gave up on me when deployments occurred or when my family had to change duty stations."

Nohelia Suce Psychology Class of 2018

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Photo of Ahmadou Seck '11

Ora et labora in Hollywood

"It was a great experience. I ended up thriving at Saint Martin’s. It was due to the environment, and there was a lot of opportunity for leadership."

Ahmadou Seck Business Administration Class of 2011

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Photo of Alice Loebsack, Will Stakelin and Katie Wieliczkiewicz

Green Dot bystander intervention

“Green Dot is a tool to rethink culture changing—what is appropriate on our campus and in our community. It also provides more tangible skills for intervening when you see something.” 

Katie Wieliczkiewicz Director of Campus Life

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Photo of Crystal Cardona '14

Service and justice

"I felt called to do something within higher education supporting students who were doing service, and learning that service continues to lead you into a path of justice."

Crystal Cardona Sociology and Cultural Anthropology Class of 2014

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Image of the schematic for the cutting device on one of the drone designs

Drones and cones

"Take an existing drone and make it capable of not only cutting a branch from a tree with cones on it, but also carrying that branch away to release and drop it. [That's] a real problem—a hard problem."

Rico Picone, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

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Photo of Ian Werrett, Ph.D., and his son, Oliver, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Returning to the wilderness

"In the fall and spring of 1996 and 1997, I was working at an archaeological site called Ein Gedi along the shores of the Dead Sea. To say that the experience changed my life is an understatement."

Ian Werrett College of Arts & Sciences Professor of Religious Studies

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