Max Turner '22 and the Washington Legislative Internship cohort

Learning in Public

"I would recommend the [Washington State Legislative] internship program ... In my time I got to sit firsthand and watch as our reps balanced diverse constituent interests, worked tirelessly to understand complex political issues, and engaged in bipartisanship on a regular basis."

Max Turner '22 Political science Class of 2022

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John Iglesias MBA’01, PhD candidate

Mastering Business, Developing People

“The MBA program and the content helped me understand that there is so much more in the leadership of organizations than managers and employees. My program of study helped me clarify that I wanted to be in a leadership role where I could be helping people, developing others, and learning from other people as well.”

John Iglesias MBA’01, PhD candidate Master of Business Administration Class of 2001

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Kelsey Buckles, MSME’20

Engineered for Success: Grad Program Prepares for Career at NASA

“All of my professors were invested in me and I built great relationships with them. Honestly, because of the size and culture of Saint Martin’s I loved that learning, growth, and even career advice takes place everywhere, even in the hallways!”

Kelsey Buckles MSME’20 Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Class of 2020

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MLK Memorial

Listening to King in complicated times

Our society has come to realize that King's legacy and those who led and participated in the civil rights movement during their complicated times deserve our attention, not only to acknowledge the courageous actions of important figures in American history, but to recognize the continued struggle of social justice in our nation and the world.

John Hopkins, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Students

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