S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for "Students Make a Resounding Tribute." It is a student philanthropy program designed to engage current Saint Martin's students in philanthropic activities on campus.

Get involved!

It’s easy to become a S.M.A.R.T. student! Simply participate in some of the S.M.A.R.T. events, compete in the social media activities posted at #smusmarties, post fun photos and videos, share ideas and stories on the Saint Martin's Facebook page and if you are a senior graduating in 2016, participate in Senior Class Giving Month!

Philanthropy 101

Philanthropy is anything that represents an effort to help others, without getting something back in return. When talking about financial gifts, the amount of the gift is not what characterizes a philanthropist.

Am I a philanthropist?

Have you ever given someone your spare change on the street, or perhaps given to a charity? Or, have you ever volunteered at school, or perhaps your place of worship or an animal shelter? If you answered yes to any of these, then you are a philanthropist!

National Philanthropy Day

Saint Martin's will have some donor-centric events centered around National Philanthropy Day, which is November 15, 2015. It is a celebration of philanthropy, giving, volunteering and charitable engagement that highlights the accomplishments, large and small, that philanthropy and all those involved in the philanthropic process, makes to our society and our world.

  • Interesting dates in philanthropy

    There are many important dates in the history of philanthropy, here are just a few:

    1638: John Harvard bequeaths library and half of his estate to the newly founded school in Cambridge, Harvard University.

    1817: The American Bible Society, the oldest of national benevolent societies, makes its first gift of 300 bibles.

    1887: United Way of America is founded in Denver, designed to plan and coordinate local services and conduct fundraising campaigns.

    1917: Income tax laws permit individuals to deduct charitable contributions, up to 15 percent of taxable income.

    1944: The G.I. bill becomes law, linking service and education, offering Americans educational opportunity in return for service to their country.

    1962: Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Anne Burke start a camp called Special Olympics, for boys and girls with disabilities and engage them in sports and other physical activities.

    1996: National Philanthropic Trust founded, with the mission to increase philanthropy in society.

    1999: Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates contribute gifts totaling $16 billion to create America's largest foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is the largest charitable gift by a living donor in history.

    Learn more about the historical timeline of philanthropy »

Photo of piggy banks

We are Philanthro-PyGs! There are four of us, one representing each class year. We work with the Saint Martin's Office of Institutional Advancement as part of the S.M.A.R.T. program. In case you didn't know, the Office of IA is the fundraising arm of the University. These staff members talk with alumni, parents and friends, as well as corporations and foundations, to encourage them to be philanthropic to the university.

S.M.A.R.T events

Photo of piggy bank with question mark

Pig naming contest

First year students - get ready to name your 2019 class pig! Last year’s Class of 2015 pig (Hamilton) has graduated, the junior class pig (Spamela) is now a senior, the sophomore class pig (Smarticus) is finally a junior and Albert Einswine is now in our sophomore class. We will hold a one-week contest to name the first year pig, and a prize will be awarded for the winning name!

Golden pig on top of globe

Pig hunt

Pigs on campus to hunt? Don’t worry, no harm will come to these rubber SMART pigs! Last year many students participated in this fun event where over 100 pigs were hidden and turned in for prizes. Are you going to be the student that finds the “special” pig and wins the big money prize? More details soon!

Jellybeans in a jar

By the Numbers

Each month, there will be a contest for students to guess the number of items in a particular container! How does this relate to philanthropy? The number of pieces that you will be guessing relates to some kind of number in philanthropy (i.e. how many new donors did Saint Martin’s have in the 2015 calendar year)? Watch for the first one coming up soon!

Painting of woman with smarties candy

S.M.A.R.T.ies Art

This an an art contest for students, focused more on you having fun with your art than perfection. Even if you do not consider yourself to be an artist, make something fun and submit it to us! The only requirement? Your work must contain one packet of Smarties candies (which we will provide to you!) Stay tuned for the date!

Thanks sign

SMU Gives Thanks

Fun day of students writing thank you notes to donors and participating in other “thank you” activities. This is a day-long event where students can drop in and write a thank you note to donors, make a video or have their picture taken, participate in contests, raffles and more. SMU Gives Thanks takes place in November near National Philanthropy Day.

Smarties candy

S.M.A.R.T. Structures

Similar to the SMARTies art contest, this one has a twist. For our more “technical” students, there is going to be a contest to build a small structure. Half of your structure must be made from candy, and of that candy, one packet must be Smarties candy. Prize for the best SMART structure! More details coming soon!

Senior class gift

The mission of the senior class gift is to promote a philanthropic spirit amongst the graduating class. Senior class giving begins March 21, 2016 and ends May 6, 2016.

Why should I give?

  • To provide scholarship money for a senior.
  • To be listed on the website as a donor to the Senior Class Giving campaign.
  • Because you recognize that others before you have given, which has helped build the buildings on campus, provided scholarships and many other opportunities you had while at Saint Martin's.
  • Because 95% of students at Saint Martin's have a need for financial aid, and you can help them.
  • To help boost Saint Martin's national rankings, and value of your degree. Senior giving is counted towards alumni giving, which is considered in the rankings.

Wear the senior class medal at graduation

While any gift amount will be helpful, for every senior who donates a minimum of $20 will be given a special medal that you can wear at graduation.

Win a $100 gift card

For every senior who contributes at least $20 you will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card!

  • Frequently asked questions

    Can only the senior class of 2016 participate?
    While anyone can make a gift, only gifts made by seniors are eligible for the special medal and travel voucher.

    Can I only give my senior gift during the giving weeks of March 21 - May 6?
    You can give a gift at any time, but for the purpose of obtaining the special medal and chance at the travel voucher, gifts must be made during that time frame!

    Can a student of another class, or friend or parent of mine, make a gift and have it count as if I gave it?
    As long as the person who gives the gifts says it is from you, we can count it as if you gave it.