Dewey Decimal classification schedule

While most books in O'Grady Library are shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification system, non-fiction materials in the lower-level Curriculum Resources room are classified and shelved according to the Dewey Decimal system, which is outlined below.

Children's fiction in Curriculum Resources, unlike non-fiction, is organized alphabetically by the author's last name and shelved in two sections:

  • picture books for the youngest readers, indicated by the letter "J" before the author's last name on the spine label
  • fiction for older readers, without the initial letter "J"
000 - 099 Computers, information, and general reference
100 - 199 Philosophy and psychology
200 - 299 Religion, including mythology
300 - 399 Social sciences, including economics, education, folklore, law, and political science
400 - 499 Language
500 - 599 Science, including astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, paleontology, physics, and zoology
600 - 699 Technology, including agriculture, cookbooks, engineering, management, and medicine
700 - 799 Arts and recreation, including architecture,dance, drawing, music, painting, photography, sports, and theater
800 - 899 Literature
900 - 999 History and geography, including travel