Your IRB Application Process

Use the following guidelines and forms to put together your IRB application. A complete application is submitted to the IRB Chair (a paper copy and an electronic PDF). The application should include:

  • A signed Cover sheet.
  • An IRB protocol (Protocol preparation guide)
  • Questionnaires, interview formats, or survey instruments
  • Consent form(s) (see instructions below)
  • Research proposal or grant application ( if available; without fiscal info)

Determining your level of review and required consent form(s):

Most research at Saint Martin's University will fall under either Exempt or Expedited. Please review the following document to understand your level of IRB review: How to determine the required level of IRB review.


All research involving human subjects will require some type of consent form.

If your research only involves a survey or questionnaire (paper or web-based), you may use a modified/implied consent form: Implied consent

If your research involves active participation of subjects (interviews, etc.), you will use a standard consent form: Standard consent

If your research involves minors (under 18) or incompetent adults, then you must use a parental/guardian consent form in addition to the standard consent form: Minor consent