inPictures FAQs

Below are answers to our most often asked inPictures questions.

What kind of photo can I upload? How will it be used?

Before uploading your photo, please review our Image Upload and Content Use Policy.

This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities for you and Saint Martin's University.

Who can submit?

Anyone connected with Saint Martin's University.

If my photo is selected, how will I know and how long will it be on the home page?

If your photo is selected, the Office of Marketing and Communications will email you that your photo has been selected and when it will run. It will run on in the inPictures section for approximately one month.

Submit your photo to inPictures

Photos can be of people, places or parties; academics, athletics or actors; on-campus, off-campus or anywhere around the world. As long as it speaks to you of Saint Martin's University, we'd love to have you submit it.

What are the photo requirements?

  • File upload size: no larger than 5MB.
  • Image size: 640 pixels by 480 pixels or LARGER.
  • Description: must be 30 words or less.
  • Subject: any subject as long as it speaks to you of Saint Martin's University and is in line with our Image Upload and Content Use Policy.

How do I submit my photo?

Easy, just complete our photo submission form below.