inWords FAQs

Below are answers to our most often asked inWords questions.

What kind of story can I tell? How will it be used?

Before submitting your story, please review our Content Submission and Use Policy.

This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities for you and Saint Martin's University.

Who can submit?

Anyone connected with Saint Martin's University.

If my story is selected, how will I know when and where it will run?

If your story (or a portion of your story) is selected, the Office of Marketing and Communications will email you where and when it will run. It may run in any communication format used by Saint Martin's University (web, print, email, social media, etc.).

Submit your story to inWords!

Thank you for joining with us and sharing your story. The following form allows you to tell you story in either of two ways:

  1. Use a series of questions as a guide to tell your story, or
  2. Jump past the list of questions to where you can simply tell your story.

We look forward to hearing and retelling your tales!