5th year appeal

Student appeal to extend their financial aid another year.

Academic catalog

A guide to planning your education

The Saint Martin’s University Academic Catalog is a guide to assist you in planning your undergraduate education at the University. Please refer to the table of contents to find main section headings and areas of study. Clicking a heading in the table of contents will jump you to that page in the catalog.

Academic Plan and Eligibility Contract

Use this form to develop an academic plan. This form is to be completed by you and your advisor. It must be submitted before your financial aid can be released.

Acceptable Use Policy


Guidelines and policies for the use of technology at Saint Martin's University. 

Accounting panels

Lecture event RSVP form.

Added endorsement chart

A breakdown of OSPI pathways (1, 2 and 3) and Saint Martin's endorsement options (A, B, and C).

Administrator Internship

Checklist and sigatures for a student wishing to do an internship in a school administrator position.

Advancement to Degree Candidate Status

Complete this form to advance to Degree Candidate Status within the MAC Program. Degree Candidate Status needs to be approved prior to beginning an internship after completing 21 hours of coursework to apply for Degree Candidate Status (DCS). 

AHANA connections

AHANA connections orientation registration form.  AHANA connections (Asian-American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, African-American/Black, and Native American) is a two-day orientation designed specifically for transitioning students of color. 

Annual career and internship fair form