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Mechanical Engineering program at a glance

The following table presents an outline of the sequence of courses that are required to fulfill the requirements for a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. Students must meet with their faculty advisor to work out a graduation plan. Information for transfer students can be found here. Note that the order/sequence of the general education requirements can be modified (except for ENG 101 and 102)

Freshman year - fall semester
UNI 101(3) Freshman seminar
ENG 101(3) College writing I
MTH 171(4) Calculus I
PHY 171 (4) Introductory physics
PHY 171L (1) Introductory physics lab
Freshman year - spring semester
ENG 102(3) College writing II
GE 103(3) Graphics and computer-aided drafting and solid modeling
MTH 172(4) Calculus II
PHY 172 (4) Introductory physics
PHY 172L (1) Introductory physics lab
Sophomore year - fall semester
CHM 141 or CHM 145 (4) General chemistry or chemistry for engineering students
CHM 141L or CHM 145L (1) General chemistry laboratory or chemistry for engineering students laboratory
GE 204(3) Statics
HIS(3) History elective I
MTH 271(3) Vector calculus
SOC(3) Social science elective I
Sophomore year - spring semester
MTH 322(3) Differential equations
GE205(3) Dynamics
GE 206(3) Mechanics of materials
GE 207(1) Materials laboratory
ARTS(3) Fine arts elective
HIS(3) History elective II
Junior year - fall semester
ME 300(3) Manufacturing processes
ME 300L(1) Manufacturing processes laboratory
ME 305(3) Engineering computer applications
ME 315(3) Instrumentation and experimental design
ME 316(1) Mechatronics and measurement systems lab
ME 340(3) Thermodynamics I
ME 345(3) Mechatronics
Junior year - spring semester
MTH 353(3) Linear algebra
ME 302(3) Machine design
ME 308(3) Fluid mechanics I
ME 309(1) Fluid mechanics laboratory
ME 350(2) Parametric solid modeling
ME 370(3) Systems analysis and design I
Senior year - fall semester
ME 410(2) Vibration theory
ME 430(3) Heat transfer
ME 430L(1) Heat transfer lab
ME 498(2) Senior design I
ME(3) ME elective I
RLS(3) Religion
PHL(3) Philosophy
Senior year - spring semester
ME 499(2) Senior design II
ME(3)ME elective II
ME(3)ME elective III
GE 359(3) Professional ethics, legal issues and applied economics in contemporary society
SOC(3) Social science elective II
ENG(3) Literature elective