Robert Hauhart

Professor, Criminal Justice

Professor, Sociology

Professor, Legal Studies

Fields: Pre-Law, Social Justice, Criminal Justice
B.S., Southern Illinois University; A.M., Washington University; J.D., Law, University of Baltimore School of Law; Ph.D., University of Virginia

Old Main 315
5000 Abbey Way SE
Lacey, WA 98503


Robert Hauhart, Ph.D., J.D., is a professor and former chair of the Department of Society and Social Justice (2010-2013) at Saint Martin's University. Serving on the faculty since 2006, Dr. Hauhart leads the undergraduate criminal justice and legal studies programs within the liberal arts curriculum. He also acts as pre-law advisor and offers courses within the sociology major. In 2008, he was named Monks of Saint Martin's Abbey Outstanding Faculty Member.

Originally from St. Louis, MO, he received is bachelor of science in education from Southern Illinois University. He went on to complete an artium magister (A.M.) in sociology at Washington University, a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Virginia, and his J.D., Law from the University of Baltimore.

Dr. Hauhart spent twenty years working in the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania, New York, and the District of Columbia. After leaving the District of Columbia in 2001, he taught at the University of Maine, the University of New Mexico, Pacific Lutheran University, and finally, Saint Martin's. His interests include the intersection of law, economy, and society; prisons and prisoners' rights law; and non-legal initiatives for social justice.

His career has balanced between practicing law and serving as an educator. He is fiercely dedicated to social justice and raising the awareness of the communities in which he serves. Shortly after arriving at Saint Martin's he established the Robert A. Harvie Social Justice Lecture Series, bringing a vital asset to the state capital of Washington and the surrounding community.

Select publications

A prolific writer, Dr. Hauhart has published widely. His numerous articles and essays have appeared in a wide variety of scholarly publications. Dr. Hauhart writes and publishes regularly on the following topics:

  • Criminological theory
  • Social inequality
  • The American dream
  • Capstone pedagogy
  • Law
  • Literary analysis and criticism

Current Projects:

  • The Lonely Quest: Constructing the Self in 21st Century American Life (Forthcoming 2018). Monograph examining social and economic trends, lifestyle choice, self and society in the 21st century United States. New York: Routledge.
  • European Writers in Exile (Forthcoming, Spring, 2018). Edited volume (with Jeff Birkenstein) containing 15 original essays on major European writers who experienced exile and the impact of their exile on their work.  Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Social Justice in American Literature (Forthcoming December, 2017) (with Jeff Birkenstein). Edited volume in the Critical Insights series for Salem Press/Grey House, Amenia, NY examining American authors whose works embody significant social justice themes.

The list below represents a small portion of Dr. Hauhart's work. For a complete list, please review Dr. Robert C. Hauhart: Writings.

  • "Designing and Teaching the Undergraduate Capstone Course" with Jon E. Grahe. Jossey-Bass/Wiley. January 2015. ISBN: 978-1-118-76187-8
  • "An Empirical and Jurisprudential Study of the Federal Courts' Application of the Good Faith Exception to the Exclusionary Rule". Criminal Law Bulletin,48(2): 316-46. (January, 2012) (co-author: Courtney Carter Choi).
  • "Exporting the American Dream: Global Implications". International Journal of the Humanities, Vol. 9(2): 1-12 (July, 2011).
  • "'Globals' and the American Dream: A Study of Student Aspirations in an American Studies Course". Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, Vol. 12(1-2):355-374 (2013) (co-authored with Jeff Birkenstein).
  • "A National Survey of American Higher Education Capstone Practices in Sociology and Psychology". Teaching Sociology, 40(3):227-241 (July, 2012) (with Jon E. Grahe).
  • "Toward a Sociology of Criminological Theory". The American Sociologist, 43(2):151-173 (June 2012).
  • "War Injuries and Advances in Body Part Replacement in the Context of Class Society". International Journal of Critical Cultural Studies, Vol. 10(1):23-34 (2013).


  • Developed and directed the Prisoners' Rights Program for the District of Columbia Public Defender Service (1988-2001).
  • Argued many successful prisoner civil rights cases in New York State, Federal, and District of Columbia courts.
  • Recognized expert on designing and teaching senior seminar courses. Contracted to write for Jossey-Bass/Wiley Publishers, San Francisco, CA: Designing and Teaching the Capstone Course Across the Curriculum (forthcoming, 2014).

Professional associations