Transforming our students to transform their world

College life at Saint Martin’s University extends well beyond the classroom.  It is a place for students to explore and examine who they are as human beings and to consider more fully what their responsibilities and obligations are as citizens.  In Student Affairs, we are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Saint Martin’s University by supporting the development and learning of students “in their ongoing journey of becoming.”  Inspired and informed by our Benedictine Catholic heritage, we offer multiple programs and opportunities that challenge students to grow and develop in mind, body, and spirit.  We do this by creating a learning environment in which our students can enhance their knowledge and skills in student leadership and diversity programs, build community through intramural sports and recreational activities, raise deep questions of faith and values, and promote the common good in the service to others.          


Students at the Benedictine Leadership Program Summit

Become a student leader by participating in our Benedictine Leaders Program.  

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Saint Martin's Saints Against Violence Everywhere

Violence can happen to anyone, regardless of income level, race, religion, gender, sexual preference or age. Students at Saint Martin's founded SAVE, Saints Against Violence Everywhere, to raise awareness and make a difference.

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Balance the Benedictine way

Students in yoga class

Student affairs is committed to inculcating the Benedictine practice of balance in mind, body and spirit. We sponsor a wide-variety of health and wellness programs, from recreation activities and intramural sports to health and wellness education. Our programs help create a culture of balance between the academic, spiritual and recreational aspects of college life.

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Supporting students in and out of the classroom

Student getting help in the Center for Student Learning, Writing and Advising

All students need support in their navigation of college life. In student affairs, we offer a variety of services and programs that address the specific needs and concerns of students. Every student can thrive and succeed in and out of the classroom.

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Diversity, spirituality, and leadership involvement

Students on service project loading wood

Student affairs offers numerous opportunities for students to get involved on campus, whether through student leadership programs, service immersion trips, spirituality retreats, or student clubs and organizations. We aim to create an engaged campus community in which students can reach their fullest potential as persons and make a positive impact on the Saint Martin’s campus and in their communities.

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