Saint Martin's University is committed to providing a space beyond the classroom that encourages student learning. Through part-time student employment, students have the opportunity to enrich and enhance their academic experiences by applying learned skills and theories in a practical setting, while earning income to assist with college expenses. The Office of Human Resources oversees the student employment hiring process and works with student employee supervisors and current students – whether through work-study or on-campus employment.

Steps for hiring a student employee:

  1. Download and review the following:
    1. Student Employee "Supervisor's" Policies and Procedures Handbook.
    2. Student Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook.
  2. Prepare a job description and forward it to Career Services for posting on Saints4Hire.
  3. Complete the “Student Employment Requisition and Work Authorization Form” to initiate the hiring process.
  4. Provide the student with the Form I-9 List of Acceptable Identification. Remind the student that they MUST present "original" documents (one from List A or one from List B AND List C) to the Office of Human Resources before they can begin working. The student employee decides the form(s) of identification they desire to provide.
  5. Give the student the completed "Student Employment Requisition and Work Authorization Form" to take to the appropriate office:
    1. Work-Study – Student Financial Services for documentation of their financial aid award amount. Once the award figures have been recorded, the student will be sent to the Office of Human Resources to complete hiring paperwork.
    2. Student Labor (non-work-study) – Office of Human Resources for completion of hiring paperwork.

Remember: The student cannot begin working until all hiring paperwork has been completed and received by the Office of Human Resources.

In most cases, the student will be eligible to begin working within 5 days. The Office of Human Resources will notify the supervisor and the student that the work schedule can begin.