Shared learning objectives and outcomes

The programs of Saint Martin’s University engage in regular and ongoing assessment to measure student achievement toward learning outcomes. We distinguish between Shared Learning Outcomes, or competencies that apply to all degree-seeking students, and Program  Learning Outcomes for each of the degree and certificate programs. Every year, programs assess 1-2 of their outcomes and use the results to inform program improvement. Programs cycle through all outcomes every 4-7 years, and engage in program reviews.

All Saint Martin’s students, supported and nurtured by faculty and staff, will aspire to …

  • Develop the ability to raise vital questions, gather evidence while suspending judgment, and critique and construct compelling arguments. (Critical thinking skills)
  • Develop values-based convictions and act upon them. Show concern for issues that transcend their own interests and participate in civic life. (Social responsibility and civic engagement)
  • Cultivate a lifelong engagement in intellectual growth. (Lifelong learning)
  • Listen carefully and thoughtfully and express ideas effectively through writing and speech. (Communication skills)
  • Demonstrate an awareness of diverse perspectives in understanding issues and interacting with others as well as show an appreciation of diverse cultural values and the interconnectedness among cultures. (Global and intercultural competencies)
  • Assess critical needs of a situation and create a vision to address those needs. Motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision. (Leadership skills)

Program learning outcomes

Undergraduate Graduate