Getting ready to move? Need some guidance? Please follow these Moving Guide steps prior, during and after Moving Day in order to have a successful and injury-free move. Have a happy and safe Moving Day and remember, safety never takes a holiday!

Prior to moving day

Saint Martin's grand staircase
  • Estimate how many boxes will be needed in which sizes (S, M, L). Place a request with Facilities via the online work order system.
  • Please be mindful of the 40 lbs per box weight limitregardless of box size! 40lbs is the maximum weight a single person can safely lift or carry. There can be a tendency to over pack, especially with larger boxes. We ask that you please try to pack even the larger boxes at the maximum weight of 40 lbs. This ensures your safety as well as the safety of our crew members. This also prevents your items from becoming damaged, as overloaded boxes often fall apart during the move.
  • Be sure to wrap glass, ceramics, or other breakable items in paper or other packing material and label the box “glass” or “fragile”.
  • If boxes are going to storage, be sure to label the box with your department name.

Taping a box

  • Place one (1) strip of tape horizontally where the edges of the box meet at the bottom and two (2) strips of tape vertically along the bottom, one on each end. Repeat for the top to close the box.

File cabinets

  • Anything larger than a 2-drawer file cabinet must be unloaded prior to the move. A full 4-5 drawer file cabinet can easily be 800 lbs!