OIPD and the rest of the Saint Martin’s University community is eager to welcome you back to the fall 2020 semester. We wish you safe travels if you are returning to the United States after having been home for the summer holiday.

COVID-19 updates for international students

The campus will have some restrictions and practices in place to ensure everyone remains in a safe and healthy environment. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact our office. We are here to assist you and make your transition back to school as smooth as possible.

Have you been outside of the United States?

  • You will need to quarantine (socially isolate) yourself for 14 days. This requirement is mandated by the Washington State Governor’s Office.  
  • During these 14 days, you MUST still attend class.
  • If the class is a face-to-face class, you need to inform your professor that you must attend class remotely for 14 days due to quarantine requirements.
  • Please contact your professor BEFORE classes begin so they are aware of your situation. 
  • For both campus and off-campus students, you should limit/restrict your attendance to any social or student activities during the 14 days.

Will you be living on campus?

If you are living on campus, you will need to quarantine in your dorm room. You will be able to order and take your food from the cafeteria, but you must return to your dormitory room to eat.

Will you be living off campus?

If you are living off campus, you will need to self-quarantine in your living space.

Have you been outside of the United States, BUT returned on or before Aug. 17?

You will NOT need to quarantine since you would have already fulfilled your 14 days in the US.

Have you remained in the United States for the entire summer holiday?

You do NOT need to follow the 14 day quarantine.