Communication Studies Program (Major, minor)

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What is the Communication Studies Program?

Communication studies is an interdisciplinary program that uses critical and cultural studies to understand the central role of communication in society, with a focus on social justice. This program provides a broad overview of the different areas of communication, including the historical, institutional and social contexts of mass media and communication technologies; communication laws and ethics; rhetorical and semiotic analysis; as well as self-reflective citizen engagement and the creation of communication media (written, oral and visual).

Why study communication studies at Saint Martin's?

The Communication Studies Program is a distinct program set in a unique location. Our program focuses on social justice and critical cultural theory, developing critical thinkers who are also engaged citizens. It is a perfect fit for students with diverse talents and interests.

Students have access to a rich cultural environment that is also a hub of civic activity. Saint Martin's University is located in a thriving arts community and a stone’s throw away from the state capitol. The Lacey-Olympia-Tumwater area boasts a film society, community television and radio stations, recording studios, live theater, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, the state legislature and a deep tradition of activism and originality.

Shaped by the Benedictine values of stewardship, community and listening with the ear of the heart, the Communication Studies Program utilizes accessible media technologies such as cloud computing, mobile devices and social media, citizen journalism and digital media production to encourage creativity and build a solid foundation for a wide array of professional endeavors.

What's required?


  • 39 semester hours of lower-and-upper-division courses
  • 21 additional credits required from the list of approved electives, 18 of which must be upper division


  • 21 semester hours of lower-and-upper-division courses

For a complete breakdown of communication studies requirements, visit the undergraduate academic catalog.

Note: All Saint Martin's students must complete the University's general education requirements.

What can I do with this major?

Communication studies prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields, from public relations and advertising to media arts production to work in the public sector and more. Students may also continue to further their studies in graduate school, specializing in the humanities, social sciences, public relations, digital media, or filmmaking. This major offers the opportunity to pursue a production-focused or more theoretically oriented course of study and it is designed to provide a well-rounded understanding of the field of communication.

For a complete list of professional applications, visit For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.

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