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Fr. David Pratt
Fr. George Seidel, O.S.B.

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Fr. George Seidel, O.S.B., chair

Philosophy Program (minor)

Department overviewPhilosophy (m.)Saint Martin's Debate

What is the Philosophy Program?

Philosophy surveys the history of human thought and studies the deepest concerns of human existence. It examines the intellectual heritage of the West in its historical roots and developments, but also addresses the central problems of the tradition in a systematic fashion, thereby giving the student a deeper insight into a significant aspect of his or her cultural heritage.

Why study philosophy at Saint Martin's?

At Saint Martin’s, the study of philosophy is rich in the tradition of rigorous inquiry around the nature of reality and existence. Participants in the Philosophy Program are:

  • Encouraged to challenge their own perspectives as a method for increasing their understanding of the world.
  • Offered extracurricular activities such as Saint Martin's Debate, which gives the students the opportunity to hone their critical thinking and communication skills in a fun and supportive environment.

What can I do with this minor?

A minor in philosophy complements a variety of major areas of study including:

  • Religious studies
  • English
  • Criminal justice
  • Women's studies

Graduates are prepared with the skills to examine all situations from social and ethical perspectives. This skill benefits any career path, but is especially well-suited to such professions as:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Social and criminal justice
  • Chaplaincy
  • Ministry
  • Journalism

For a complete list of professional applications, visit For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.

What's required?

  • Three semester hours of lower-division coursework
    • PHL 201 Introduction to Philosophy
  • 15 semester hours of upper-division courses such as:
    • PHL 301 Ethics
    • PHL 313 Philosophy of Being

Visit the undergraduate academic catalog for a complete breakdown of philosophy courses and requirements.

Note: All Saint Martin's students must complete the University's general education requirements.

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