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Bonnie Amende
Joe Mailhot
Carol Overdeep
Katherine Porter

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Joseph Mailhot, chair

Mathematics Program (M.)

Department overviewMathematics (M.)Computer science (M., m.)

Mathematics contributes in a unique way to the development of the disciplined, rational person. It improves one’s ability to fit new concepts into a framework of existing knowledge.

Saint Martin’s University provides a basic undergraduate program for mathematics majors, supports other majors in the University and offers courses of general interest.

The Mathematics Program requires students who have no record of successful completion (grade of "C-" or better) of a necessary prerequisite to take the Mathematics Placement Exam. The Mathematics Placement Exam will identify the course number(s) of the introductory math course(s) for which the student is best prepared.

A recommendation of a course by the Mathematics Placement Exam will be considered "an equivalent math placement exam score" in determining prerequisites. Note, however, that a student cannot earn academic credit through the results of the Mathematics Placement Exam.

Students must receive a minimum grade of "C-" in all degree requirements, with the GPA for these courses no lower than 2.33, to graduate with a mathematics degree or minor.


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