Alienation and Existentialism (Dr. Jeff Birkenstein/Dr. Robert Hauhart) Media, War and the Power of Persuasion (Dr. David Price/Dr. Olivia Archibald/Dr. Irina Gendelman)

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Interdisciplinary Studies Program overview

Program overview Interdisciplinary studies (M.)

Interdisciplinary studies is a distinctive program at Saint Martin's University. Highly motivated students interested in more than one area of study are able to combine two more more disciplines into a single degree.

This major is designed for students who seek to engage in rigorous intellectual training in understanding how varying methodologies and modes of inquiry raise different questions and serve different purposes. Students bring together knowledge of discrete disciplines to define and analyze problems or issues, envision solutions or responses, and thereby bridge disparate communities.

How does it work?

Students are required to take upper division credits in both areas and finalize their studies with a thesis that borrows from both fields.

Team-teaching, as a major aspect of this program, allows professors from diverse backgrounds to come together to design unique and often unconventional courses that carry such remarkable titles as:

  • Social Action: Introduction to Troublemaking in a World that Needs Troubling (a course on initiating social change)
  • Jesus on Film and in the Gospels (an examination of the figure of Jesus in the Gospels and in popular film)
  • Chasing the American Dream (an examination of the American myth)

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