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David Hlavsa

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David Hlavsa

Theatre Arts Program (M., m.)

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If you're passionate about theatre, the great advantage of coming to a small school like Saint Martin's is that you get to do it all: acting, directing, playwriting, design and tech. It's a hands-on program: before you graduate, you're expected to act a major role, direct a play, write a play, and undertake a major design/technical project - opportunities you may not get at a larger school. If you find that you really do want to be an actor, a director, a costume designer, a playwright, Saint Martin's offers intense mentorship and training. But our primary concern - because we get to know you as an individual - is your flourishing as a person.

What can I do with my degree?

Many of our graduates continue to do theatre, either professionally or as an avocation, but many find success in other fields besides the arts: education, social services, the law, business. Though it is notoriously difficult to make a living in the performing arts, the skills you develop in our theatre program - communication, aesthetic judgment, emotional understanding, organization ability - will serve you well whatever your chosen field.

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