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College of Arts and Sciences
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Aaron Coby, associate dean

Laura Hoff, executive assistant

Faculty and staff

Dr. Bonnie Amende, mathematics

Bonnie Amende
Associate professor, mathematics
Phone: 360-438-4550
Office: Old Main 413

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Dr. Olivia Archibald, English

Olivia Archibald
Professor, English
Phone: 360-438-4357
Office: O'Grady U-3

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Dr. Michael Artime, debate

Michael Artime
Coach, debate
Phone: 509-279-8979

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Dr. Tiffany Artime, psychology

Tiffany Artime
Assistant professor, psychology
Phone: 360-412-6101
Office: Old Main 337

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Dr. Darrell Axtell, chemistry

Darrell Axtell
Associate professor, chemistry, and chair, natural sciences
Phone: 360-438-4313
Office: Old Main 105

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Dr. Brian Barnes, history

Brian Barnes
Assistant professor, history
Phone: 360-438-4352
Office: Old Main 300

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Dr. Todd Barosky, English

Todd Barosky
Assistant professor, English
Phone: 360-412-6153
Office: Old Main 364

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Gordon Bellevue, lab instructor

Gordon Bellevue
Lab instructor, physics
Office: Old Main 110

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Dr. Jeff Birkenstein, English

Jeff Birkenstein
Associate professor and chair, English
Phone: 360-486-8846
Office: Old Main 347

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Dr. Robert Bode, biology

Robert Bode
Assistant professor, biology
Phone: 360-438-4384
Office: Old Main 405

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Darrell Born

Darrell Born
Associate professor, music, and chair, fine arts
Phone: 360-438-4506
Office: Kreielsheimer Hall

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Dr. Michael Butler, psychology

Michael Butler
Associate professor and chair, psychology
Phone: 360-438-4355
Office: Old Main 301

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Dr. Rex Casillas, history

Rex Casillas
Associate professor, history, and chair, history and political science
Phone: 360-438-4347
Office: Old Main 303

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Dr. Julia McCord Chavez, English

Julia McCord Chavez
Assistant professor, English
Phone: 360-412-6132
Office: Old Main 312A

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Dr. Aaron Coby, biology

Aaron Coby
Associate professor, biology, and associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 360-486-8867
Office: Old Main 331

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Thomas Deming, art

Thomas Deming
Adjunct professor, art

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Dr. Tam Dinh, social work

Tam Dinh
Assistant professor and director of field practicum, social work
Phone: 360-412-6150
Office: Old Main 349A

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Dr. Sam Fox, biology

Samuel E. Fox
Assistant professor, biology
Phone: 360-438-4537
Office: Old Main 401C

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Zhiqi Gao, world languages

Zhiqi Gao
Senior lecturer I, world languages

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Dr. Irina Gendelman, society and social justice

Irina Gendelman
Associate professor of communication/instructional development, society and social justice, and director, communications studies
Phone: 360-486-8826
Office: O'Grady Library

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Dr. Aaron Goings, history

Aaron Goings
Assistant professor, history
Phone: 360-438-4406
Office: Old Main 319

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Dr. Mary Jo Hartman, biology

Mary Jo Hartman
Associate professor, biology
Phone: 360-438-4452
Office: Old Main 403

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Dr. Robert Hauhart, criminal justice

Robert Hauhart
Professor, criminal justice
Phone: 360-438-4525
Office: Old Main 315

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Dr. David Hlavsa, theatre arts

David Hlavsa
Professor, theatre arts, and director, interdisciplinary studies
Phone: 360-438-4345
Office: Old Main 343

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John Hopkins, communications, social justice, sociology

John Hopkins
Adjunct professor, communication studies, social justice, sociology
Phone: 360-486-8847
Office: Trautman Union Building (TUB)

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Father Gerard Kirsch, history

Fr. Gerard Kirsch, O.S.B.
Assistant professor, history
Phone: 360-438-4349
Office: Old Main 361

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Dr. Victor Kogan

Victor Kogan
Professor, criminal justice and sociology, and chair, society and social justice
Phone: 360-438-4348
Office: Old Main 307

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Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis

Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis
Associate professor, English
Phone: 360-438-4533
Office: O'Grady L-3

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Richard Langill

Richard Langill
Professor, history and political science
Phone: 360-438-4588
Office: Old Main 333

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Br. Boniface V. Lazzari

Br. Boniface V. Lazzari, O.S.B.
Associate professor, Spanish
Phone: 360-438-4476
Office: Old Main 339

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Joe Mailhot, mathematics

Joe Mailhot
Associate professor, mathematics, and chair, math and computer science
Phone: 360-438-4353
Office: Old Main 411

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Fr. Kilian Malvey, English and religious studies

Fr. Kilian J. Malvey, O.S.B.
Professor, English and religious studies
Phone: 360-438-4342
Office: Old Main 361

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Terry McAdam, criminal justice

Terry McAdam
Adjunct professor, criminal justice

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Kathleen McKain

Kathleen McKain
Associate professor, French, and chair, world languages
Phone: 360-438-4337
Office: Old Main 363

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Stephen X. Mead

Stephen X. Mead
Professor, English, and chair, religious studies
Phone: 360-438-4336
Office: Old Main 312B

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Dr. Greg Milligan, chemistry

Greg Milligan
Associate professor, chemistry
Phone: 360-438-4314
Office: Old Main 103

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Shawn Newman, J.D.

Shawn Newman
Adjunct professor, legal studies

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Dr. Jeremy Newton, English

Jeremy Newton
Assistant professor, psychology
Phone: 360-412-6133
Office: Old Main 345

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Dr. Margaret Olney, biology

Margaret Olney
Associate professor, biology
Phone: 360-438-4327
Office: Old Main 407

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Keri Olsen, women's studies

Keri Olsen
Adjunct professor, women's studies

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Dr. Jamie Olson, English

Jamie Olson
Associate professor, English
Phone: 360-438-4302
Office: Old Main 352

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Dr. Carol Overdeep, mathematics

Carol Overdeep
Associate professor, mathematics
Phone: 360-438-4378
Office: Old Main 429

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Dr. Stephen Parker, physics

Stephen Parker
Assistant professor, physics
Phone: 360-438-4363
Office: Old Main 110A

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Dr. Katherine Porter, mathematics

Katherine Porter
Associate professor, mathematics
Phone: 360-438-4312
Office: Old Main 409

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Father David Pratt, philosophy

Fr. David Pratt
Assistant professor, philosophy
Phone: 360-438-4309
Office: Old Main 373

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Dr. David Price, sociology and cultural anthropology

David Price
Professor, sociology and cultural anthropology
Phone: 360-438-4295
Office: Old Main 309

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Chiyo Sanada, Japanese

Chiyo Sanada
Senior lecturer I, Japanese

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Fr. George Seidel, O.S.B., philosophy

Fr. George Seidel, O.S.B.
Professor and chair, philosophy
Phone: 360-438-4416
Office: Old Main 373

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Dr. Katya Shkurkin, community services, social work

Katya Shkurkin
Professor and director, community services, social work
Phone: 360-438-4385
Office: Old Main 305A

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Dr. Arwyn Smalley, chemistry

Arwyn Smalley
Associate professor, chemistry
Phone: 360-923-8707
Office: Old Main 403

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Molly E. Smith

Molly E. Smith
Provost/Vice President for academic affairs; professor, English
Phone: 360-438-4301
Office: Old Main 269

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Dr. Sheila Steiner, psychology

Sheila Steiner
Professor, psychology
Phone: 360-923-8724
Office: Old Main 368

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Sister Laura Swan, religious studies

Sister Laura Swan
Adjunct professor, religious studies

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David Tempel, laboratory instructor

David Tempel
laboratory instructor, chemistry

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John Weiss, physics

John Weiss
Assistant professor, physics
Phone: 360-412-6102
Office: Old Main 110B

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Dr. Ian Werrett, religious studies

Ian Werrett
Associate professor, religious studies
Phone: 360-438-4290
Office: Old Main 365

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Teresa Winstead, sociology and cultural anthropology

Teresa Winstead
Visiting assistant professor, sociology and cultural anthropology
Phone: 360-412-6131
Office: Old Main 321

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