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Jeff Birkenstein
Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis

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Jeff Birkenstein, chair

Writing Program (minor)

Department overviewEnglish (M., m.)Writing (m.) Les Bailey Writers Series Sigma Tau Delta

What is the Writing Program?

The art of writing is a crucial skill in today’s market. Whether writing policies, technical manuals, novels or tweets, the ability to write clearly in a number of styles prepares students for the range of writing requirements that their careers will inevitably demand. The writing minor is a well-rounded program with emphasis in the following three tracks:

  • Journalism
  • Professional and academic writing
  • Creative writing

At the same time, students are given the opportunity to specialize and develop an area of expertise.

Why study writing at Saint Martin's?

As an integral part of Saint martin's vibrant Department of English, the Writing Program provides students with:

  • Access to, and interaction with, a highly engaged faculty
  • On-going opportunities for world travel
  • Participation in the yearly Les Bailey Writers Series
  • Professional experience through Saint Martin's student publication, The Belltower
  • Membership in Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honor society
  • Membership in the SMU English Majors Facebook page
  • Internships with local businesses
  • Creative writing retreats at the Saint Martin's Abbey's Lambert Lodge, a beautiful, restorative, retreat center on Eld Inlet in the Puget Sound

In keeping with the Benedictine philosophy of education, the writing minor offers students an enriching and practical academic and spiritual experience that meets the needs of the whole person. Because its objective is to help develop students' creative and unique qualities while preparing them to meet their career goals, the writing minor will deepen students' understanding and proficiency with specific conventions, audiences and contexts applicable to all majors.

What can I do with this minor?

The writing minor helps students develop the key communication, critical and creative thinking and research skills necessary to prepare them for entry to academic, professional and career-oriented fields that are writing intensive. Strong writing skills are an asset in any number of professions, including:

  • Journalism
  • Science and medical industries
  • Technology
  • Publishing
  • Education
  • Law

For a complete list of professional applications, visit whatcanidowiththismajor.com. For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.

What is required?

  • Three semester hours of literature
  • Nine semester hours (3 semester hours each):creative writing, professional and academic writing, journalism
  • Six upper-division semester hours (following the above three tracks)

Visit the undergraduate academic catalog for a complete breakdown of English requirements.

All Saint Martin's students must complete the University's general education requirements.

Research / internship opportunities

  • The Olympia
  • Capital City Press

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