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Keri Olsen

Keri Olsen

Title and discipline: senior lecturer II, women's studies

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Areas of specialization: women's studies, gender and pop culture; women, culture, and society; intro to women's studies; introduction to queer theory; and feminist methodology.

Keri received her master of arts in women's and gender studies in 2010 and did her internship in curriculum development and women's studies pedagogy at Saint Martin's University in 2009. Keri received the Dr. Charlotte Roberts Women in Leadership Grant for her work in queer theory.

Keri's research focuses include: transnational feminisms; nationalist struggles and gender; women's studies pedagogy; Riot Grrrls and 90's activism; and queer feminism.

Select publications

  • Writing project in progress: "Women's Studies Without Sisterhood: A New Generation of Theory and Pedagogy"

Education: B.A., Saint Martin's University; M.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro