Saint Martin's University

Olivia Archibald

Olivia Archibald

Title and discipline: professor, English

Contact information
Office location: O'Grady U-3
Phone: 360-438-4357

Areas of specialization: creative nonfiction, essay theory, composition theory, early medieval literature, and literary criticism.

Select publications: Archibald, Olivia. "Reconsidering the Essay's Definition in the University Classroom: Writing, Disjunction, and the Active Nature of Thought." Creativity and Discovery in the University Essay. Eds. Tracey Costley, Alice Chik, and Martha Pennington. London: Equinox, forthcoming 2014. pp. 160-184.

Areas of interest: Much of Dr. Archibald's current research and writing focuses on reflective practice and creative forms of essay in higher education, and she is currently working on a book about the essay genre while co-authoring Writing from the Inside: The Power of Reflective Writing in the Classroom (Equinox, coauthor Maureen P. Hall). Alongside her teaching and research, Dr. Archibald directs faculty development activities at Saint Martin's.

Education: B.A. and M.A., Marshall University; Ph.D., University of Iowa