Tips for success

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Picture this… You're in the Pavilion with hundreds of other students vying for the same jobs and internships. How can you cope with the competition and the stress? If you handle the situation properly, you can impress recruiters and increase your chances of finding a job. To make the most of the Career Fair, it is important to be properly dressed and well informed about the companies you have targeted. What do I mean by properly dressed? There is no right suit, no right color etc. What is important is that your clothes, your hair, and your resume reflect that you are serious and focused on your career hunt.

Juniors, seniors, graduate students and young alumni

  • Sleep well and have a good breakfast.
  • Be dressed properly and simply.
  • Brings lots of resumes.
  • Pick up the floor-booth guide. Go into the side room off the lobby. Sit down, mark targeted companies on the guide. Straighten your shoulders. Proceed into the Pavilion and go for the employers!
  • First impressions are lasting, so conduct yourself with friendliness and intelligence at all times.
  • No gum!
  • Don't get sidetracked by all the employers. Focus first on the ones you have targeted as important to you.
  • Use a firm handshake and eye contact when introducing yourself.
  • Be enthusiastic and demonstrate positive verbal and non-verbal communication at all times.
  • Remember to leave your resumes on the tables of employers you are interested in.
  • If you want to write to follow up with employers whom you meet at the Career Fair that you are still interested, be sure to get their business cards!

Freshman and sophomores

  • Come neatly dressed and ready to investigate your future job.
  • Take a look at the companies who hire for summer jobs and part-time positions.
  • Meet the employers and introduce yourself. They're interested in who will graduate in 2012 and 2013! In fact, they watch each year for you.
  • First impressions are lasting, conduct yourself with friendliness and intelligence at all times.
  • Gather all company literature from employers you might be interested in a few years from now. File it. Collect business cards!
  • Check out the parks and recreation, and summer camps for summer counselor jobs. Most of you need less stress and more sunshine!
  • Collect pens, pencils, candy, post-it notes, rulers, balls, Frisbees etc. to last you until the next year.
  • Enjoy the Fair; sample the cookies, but don't munch while talking to an employer.