Saint Martin’s University awards university course credit for IB exams on which students achieve a score of 5 or higher, on both Standard Level and Higher Level exams.

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IB Credit

Students who earn the IB Diploma will be awarded up to 30 credits of university-level work at Saint Martin's University. The IB Diploma can meet the following Core requirements if the Diploma student achieves a score of 5 or higher on the individual exams for each respective area:

ENG 101 (3 credits)
World Language (3 credits for Standard Level, 6 credits for Higher Level)
History or Social & Behavioral Foundations (3-6 credits, depending on the courses)
Science with lab (4 credits)
MTH 110 (3 credits)
Fine Arts (3 credits)

IB Diploma students will also earn additional credits, either as specific SMU courses (see Table below) or lower division elective credits, depending on the total diploma score.

24 points = 24 total credits
25 points = 25 total credits
26 points = 26 total credits
27 points = 27 total credits
28 points = 28 total credits
29 points = 29 total credits
30 points or more = 30 total credits

  • IB Exam Transfer Course Credit

    Students who complete IB coursework but not the Diploma will also receive university credit for IB exams, both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL), on which they earn a 5 or higher. Specific Saint Martin's University courses correspond to the IB exams, as shown in the Table below. Other IB exams will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    IB Exam Transfer Course Credits Earned
    Art (visual) ART 205 (Core fine arts) 3
    Biology Core science w/ lab 4
    Chemistry- SL CHM 141/141L 5
    Chemistry- HL CHM 141/141L and CHM 142/142L 10
    Classical Languages Core 1 year World Language 6
    Computer Science CSC 101 3
    Dance Core fine arts 3
    Economics Core social and behavioral foundations 3
    English Language and Lit ENG 101 3
    Film Core fine arts 3
    French Language and Lit- SL FRN 101 3
    French Language and Lit- HL FRN 101 and FRN 102 6
    German Language and Lit- HL Core 1 year World Language 6
    Geography GPH 210 3
    Global Politics PLS 152 3
    History, world Core non-U.S. history 3
    Mathematics* MTH 110 3
    Music Core fine arts 3
    Physics Core science w/ lab 4
    Psychology PSY 101 3
    Spanish Language and Lit- SL SPN 101 3
    Spanish Language and Lit- HL SPN 101 and SPN 102 6
    Sports, exercise, and health science Core science w/ lab 4
    Theater Core fine arts 3

    *Students needing a specific math course for the major will need to take the math placement test and be placed into the appropriate course.

Saint Martin's IB student

IB Student Story

“The transition from the International Baccalaureate program to collegiate level classes here at Saint Martin's University blended seamlessly. The difficulties undertaken in the IB program set a foundation for learning that I carry with me each day here at SMU. I only transferred 7 of my credits from IB (biology and business) The transfer of my credits was simple!”

Gloria Petri, Saint Martin's student-athlete and IB alumna