Partnerships with sister universities, cooperative agreements and signature degree programs translate into plenty of choices about where you study. Always been interested in Costa Rica? Spellbound by Wales? Fascinated about Japan? Here's your opportunity to spend time immersed in another culture. Get to know yourself by getting to know the world.

Note: This information is only applicable for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Updated information will be posted soon for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Sister universities

Through studying abroad at a sister university, SMU students benefit from the strong connections and relationships that our staff and faculty have cultivated for over 25 years.

Students laughing and walking in Japan

Staff and faculty at sister universities will be excited to welcome you and take good care of you during your study abroad program because of their desire to reciprocate the hospitality that they experienced while visiting Saint Martin’s with their students. Although many sister universities are in Asia, there are often many courses taught in English.

Most existing scholarships, including Saint Martin's institutional aid, will transfer to your study abroad program. Additional scholarships may also be available depending on the program and sister university.

Cooperative agreements

In addition to our distinctive sister universities relationships, our thoughtful cooperative agreements allow students to attend yearlong and summer semesters throughout over 100 locations worldwide.

Student on a farm in Australia

As part of our agreements, most of the programs are available to Saint Martin’s students at a reduced cost and additional scholarships are available.

All students enroll directly with a selected program provider, but still must meet Saint Martin’s study abroad criteria.

Signature degree programs

There are two signature study abroad degree programs at Saint Martin's — one for business administration and one for engineering.

City Hall, Duisberg, Germany

A Destination, a Point of Departure: Germany, South Korea, and Japan

The Saint Martin’s University School of Business has a signature International Scholars Track in Business Administration that is distinguished by integrating a study abroad requirement in Asia (Japan or Korea) and Europe (Germany) for all participating students.

While other business programs may offer courses in international business, very few provide integrated study abroad experiences in both Asia and Europe as part of their curriculum.

This program is designed for the business student who has a strong interest in international cultures, languages, and aims to be a leader in the business world. Acceptance into this prestigious program provides scholarships for travel to and from the partner universities and most study abroad experiences are included in Saint Martin’s tuition. All courses at our international partner universities are delivered in English, so no specific language prerequisites are required.

Fireworks in Australia

The Globalization of Engineering Education: Australia

Saint Martin’s prides itself in being an up and coming leader in the engineering field. To go with its current curriculum and modern facilities, we recognize that adding an international component to the academic training for a student is highly valuable in the age of globalization.

Through strong partnerships and careful planning, Saint Martin’s University Hal and Inge Marcus School of Engineering has created an international plan in which students can study abroad for a semester during their sophomore year in Australia, gaining the international experience needed to be competitive in the current job market, while staying on track for graduation and meeting rigorous course requirements.

By completing this program, Saint Martin’s engineering students will have completed a more well-rounded education and can become strong contributors to society. Our engineering students have excellent opportunities to receive additional scholarships for their study abroad experience and may receive additional discounts for this international experience.