The Saint Martin's community is is dedicated to learning around the globe. Each short-term study away program provides the same quality of teaching and care as our on-campus classes.

The application deadline is November 17th, unless otherwise noted.

Note: This information is only applicable for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Updated information will be posted soon for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

2018 summer programs

England & Scotland: History & Mystery

Contact: Professors Stephen Mead & Julia Chavez
Dates: May 2018, 2 weeks
Travel to London, Oxford, and Edinburgh to complement studies of Shakespeare, Stevenson, Tolkien, Rowling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Burns. See plays in London! Walk highlands in Scotland! Visit libraries in Oxford! Engage in a host of other activities to come face-to-face with literature as a physically grounded, historically contextualized phenomenon!

Germany & Austria: Gender Studies & Pshycology

Contact: Professors Jeremy Newton and Keri Graham
Dates: May 2018, 2 weeks
Explore Berlin and Vienna to bring to life your studies in Gender and Psychology. Learn about the "pink" victims of the Holocaust, stand where the Berlin Wall fell and explore where some of the most notable psychologists shaped their field. A life-changing program to complement your degree!

Students and staff in Japan

Japan: Japan Cultural Exchange Tour (JCET)

Contact: Jenna Thomas, study abroad director
Dates: May 2018. 10 days. Application deadline October 31.
This program is a prestigious Saint Martin's tradition. Each year, selected students, faculty, and staff travel to Japan for two weeks and represent Saint Martin's at three sister schools where they stay with host families, and are greeted with ceremonies and Japanese hospitality. No previous knowledge of Japanese is required.  

Germany BEST Program

Germany BEST Program

Contact: Jenna Thomas, study abroad director or Richard Beer, Dean of Business
Dates: May/June 2018. 5 weeks.
Participating students will complete the program with a variety of courses in business, economics, and German language with special emphasis on the European economic environment. Field trips and company visits to the industrial and cultural vicinity are also included. No prior knowledge of German is required.

Korea Cultural Exchange Program

Korea: Korea Cultural Exchange Program (KCEP)

Contact: Jenna Thomas, study abroad director
Dates: May/June 2018. 2 weeks.
Students will travel to Korea through SMU’s partnership with Konkuk University, a private institution in Seoul and Glocal. Program include various city and traditional site tours as well as opportunities to learn and explore the Korean language and culture. No previous knowledge of Korean is required.

India: Teaching in India (not for credit)

Contact: Jenna Thomas, study abroad director
Dates: July 2018, 5 weeks
Students will have opportunities to engage in Indian classrooms at a Saint Martin's University partner school. Participants will gain valuable, hands-on English Language Learning (ELL) training, practical ELL classroom experience in an international setting, opportunity to expand their teaching portfolio, explore career choices, and experience the wonders of India.