2016 Scholars Day

The 2016 schedule will be added soon.

2015 Scholars Day

Session 1: poster presentations


Oil Mass Analysis and Biodiesel Synthesis via Anionic Resin Catalyst

Russell Deal

New Drug Incentives to End Antibiotic Resistance

Hannah Herzog


Using Coconut Oil to Disrupt Biofilm Communities

Mekedes Asegdom

Session 1: panel presentations

Applying Ethical Principles to Business CasesAlyssa Hancock, Matthew Tietjen, Evan Lake

Session 1: presentations

Seduction, Sex, and Love: The Role of Women in the 18th Century Memoirs of Giacomo CasanovaMegan Richardson
Prevention of Acceptance of Rape Myths Through EducationCandice Pedroza
Sanitary Water Collection and DeliveryTyler Adams, Jonathon Carstens, Scott Matthews, Alexander Conway
Pedagogical Framework for Epileptic ChildrenJulie Schulze
The War Scroll: A New Look at Dating 1QMAlex Nelson
Civil Asset ForfeitureTyler Shoemaker
Iterative Helmholtz Resonance AnalysisJames Malloy

Session 2: presentations

Screens & Sleep:  Examining the Effects of Technology Use on Sleep QualityRebecca Franklin
The Heroism of Anna Karenina and Emma Bovary in "Anna Karenina" and "Madame Bovary"Emmalee Baker
Examining the Need for On-campus Childcare at Saint Martin's UniversityJessica Rae Lamp and Holly Miller
Co-Simulation to Determine Molecular Dynamics Using SupercomputersChristopher Beguin and Haowen Liu
Best Practices for Civilian Review BoardsKai Kaplan-Unsoeld
Refurbishment and Characterization of Saint Martin's Wind TunnelJack Freeman

Session 3: performance

The Life and Works of Benedetto MarcelloValerie Smith

Session 3: presentations

Designing and Building the Multi-lift All-terrain Cargo Carrier (MACC)Shane Moore, Stephen Wilson, and Victor Aruwah
Divine Betrayal: The Gospel of JudasSimone Smith
Color: Window to the MindRandall Porter
One Tour Too ManyBrooke Rickard
Broken Spirit: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Deculturization of the Blackfeet NationDianne Baumann
Computational Study of Active Flow Control of a Flow-Excited Helmholtz ResonatorJacob Buehn
Use of Dimethoxymethane in Place of Chloromethyl Methyl Ether to Prepare Methoxymethyl (MOM) EsterNaomi Meckes

Session 4: presentations

A Comprehensive View of the Finnish Approach to Language Arts EducationAlexandra Mikler
Family Parenting and Emotional StyleAileen Lovitt
Marijuana Usage in Student AthletesRyan Rogers
An analysis of the feasibility of reintroducing a radio station for Saint Martin’s University and assessment of format trends.Anthony Kern
Resilient MindTakanori Ito
John Ashbery: Euphemism as CritiqueHolly Coe
Public Opinion on Waiving Juveniles to the Criminal Justice SystemTiana McLean
Taser Policies and Procedures: An InquiryGeoffrey Hillers

Session 5: presentations

Saint Martin's University Industrial Lab BuildingAlyssa Edwards,Veronica Raub, and Zach Reid
Can Community Corrections become a safe and more effective replacement for non-violent offenders that currently would find themselves in prison?Riley Carel
Gary Snyder and the Buddhist Style of Tangible Imagery: An Absence of AbstractionAndrew Nicoletta
Is Philosophy Part of God's Plan?Kristofer Sirks
Gateway Through China’s Green Fence: Analyzing changes in the ‘recyclables’ industry, as a result of new Chinese environmental regulations, to assess economic development opportunities for Thurston County and the surrounding region.Jessica York
Virtue and Narcissism: Aristotle Meets Social MediaChandler Tracy
Logic: The Cornerstone of STEMFiona Kelly and Danielle Pecha

Session 6: presentations

Thermal Analysis of In Situ Solder Reflow DeviceShelby Ferguson
Promoting Green Collar Jobs in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Labor and Environmental CoalitionsClarissa Strayer
Composting in the Residence Halls: Changing Mentalities Toward Valuing SustainabilityAnnabel Warnell, Dalia Pedro-Trujillo
Consciousness, the Result of the Bound and Unbound MindBritney Bradley
Quantifying Total Anthocyanin Content in a Variety of Colored GrainsNicole Strobel
Myers-Brigg Type Indicator and Dream Content: A Cross Cultural StudyGrace Caruso


2014 Scholars Day

Session 1: poster presentations

Concerns for Caregivers of Older Terminally Ill Family MembersGiovanni De Rosa
College Students' Attitudes Towards CounselingHanna Wade
Preparation of Ferrate (VI) for the Removal of Arsenate from WaterSophia Sou
Model Urushiol DeactivationKristin Okamura
Foster Parents' Perception of Social Worker CommunicationDeltha Hudson

Session 1: presentations and performances

Juvenile Delinquency: Over-representation of Minorities in the Juvenile Justice SystemMarkese Walker-Brown
The Story of the Grail: Perceval and the Ascendance of the IndividualMegan Richardson
Not 'Suffragettes' Alone: Men and the Making of the Washington State Women's Suffrage MovementDanielle Mendonca
The World Is Full of Mountains and Valleys: How Economic And Political Parity Is Still a World AwayDavid Hoeveler
Lead Removal from Water Using Grape SkinsCandice Boyd
The English Language Learner: Blogging and Cloud Computing in the Mainstream CassroomAmy Nearhoof

Schubertiade, Part I


Der Jüngling an der Quelle
Auf dem Wasser zu singen



Die Schöne Müllerin

Accompanists: Hannah Cho / Renata Fell

Performed by: Bailey Cammann
Valerie Smith

Performed by:
Paul Duncan

Session 1: group presentations

Cuoio Community Park                                                                               Kevin smith, Jordan Jones, Brian Lewis, Equillia Price, Ashkann Lofti-Jad, Osiris Solis Gonzalez

Session 2: presentations and performances


Bring on the Ban: Owning the Water You Drink

Annabel Warnell
Dalia Pedro-Trujillo

Internet Dating in Relation to Self-Esteem and Social Anxiety

Morgan Scoville

Dante's Lust and Crisis of Conscience in Purgatorio

Amy Pollard

The 1949 Hanford Green Run: Causes, Consequences and Cures

Andrew Sellards

A Computational Study of the Flow-excited Helmholtz Resonator

Jacob Buehn

Mathematical Modelling in Finance: How One Formula Can Bring Down an Entire Economy

Jesse Mailhot

Schubertiade, Part II

Im Kriegers Ahnung
Im Abendrot
Das Rosenband

Hannah Cho / Renata Fell

Performed by:
Valerie Acuff-Neumeyer
Bailey Cammann
Susannah Faherty
Takuya Hashimoto

Session 3: group presentation


Project Hercules: Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Hovercraft Team

Darren Popkins, Matt Huff, Nolan Davis, John Hamman, Jason Carlstrom

 Session 3: presentations and performances


Equivalence by Distortion and Its Topological Effects on Archimedean and Fibonacci Spirals

Cassidy Choi

A More Cost Effective Production of Biodiesel Using Calcium Oxide

Tyler Larsen

Comparison of Transgenic Danio Rerio Embryological Development and Immune Systems in Sterile and Non-sterile Environments

Abigail Fulton

Circles of Light: Dante Alighieri's Pilgrimage

Simone Smith

Patriotism and Paranoia: The Women’s Work Committee of the Thurston County Council of Defense During World War I

Jennifer Crooks

Schubertiade, Part III


Der Erlkönig
Der Tod und das Mädchen
Gretchen am Spinnrade
Der Leiermann
Der Doppelgänger

Accompanists: Hannah Cho / Renata Fell

Performed by:
Brandon Drye
Susannah Faherty
Takuya Hashimoto
Valerie Smith

 Session 4: panel presentation


Fighting for a Voice

Sarah Ybarra, Betty Ramirez, Alexandra Gardner

 Session 4: presentations


American Colonial Education: The American Education System and the Miseducation of the Filipinos

Chadwick Dillman

National Standards in Education: Magic Remedy or Poison Potion?

Alicia Jones

Thermal Analysis of In Situ Solder Ball Reflow

Shelby Ferguson

Natural Product Application of a Combined Allylic Azide Rearrangement Intramolecular Schmidt Reaction

Justin Rewerts

Arsenic Concentrations and the Aquatic Oopulation of macroinvertebrates as bio-indicators in Four Freshwater Lakes in Thurston and Pierce Counties, WA: Environmental Trends Affiliated with ASARCO and the Tacoma Smelter Plume

Alicia Conway

Treatment of Mentally Ill Offenders: Does Necessity Demonstrate Adequate Care?

Fredrick Schouviller

 Session 5: group presentation


Electronic Supercharger

Cory Roberts, Tyrel Rothell, Benjamin Waters

 Session five: presentations


Efficient Extraction of Antioxidants from Organic Fuji Apple Peels

Audrey Carandang

Sons of the Idle Rich

Sadia Colon

The Effects of Video Games on Attentional Processing

Dung Hoang

Inattentional Blindness, Cross-cultural Bias and Emotional Recall: Potential Impacts on Eyewitness Testimony

Crystal Garcia

Croatians of the Pacific Northwest

Shelby Dawn

#CreateaPLN Challenge: Building "Professional Learning Networks" for Online Professional Development

Sarah McKinney