2018 Engineering Banquet

The Engineering Banquet will be held on February 16, 2018 featuring a guest speaker, Kristina Swallow, the 2018 ASCE National President. The social begins at 5:30pm on the second floor of Cebula Hall, and the dinner itself begins at 6:15pm on the third floor of Cebula Hall. Tickets are currently on sale. Her speech presents and analyzes the 2017 National Infrastructure Scorecard. This Banquet is also a great chance to network and reconnect with many of the SMU Engineering graduates who have built so much of the state infrastructure, either as civil servants or in the construction industry. 

SMU Engineering Students and Alumni Create Simulated Lunar Soil

Undergraduate student Vince Roux and mechanical engineering grad Melissa Roth have launched Off Planet Research, located in a lab on SMU grounds, to create simulated lunar soil. The project was primarily funded by Roux and Roth with the support from the university, and will have the capacity for on-site testing of lunar prototypes in the future.   This is the first ‘technology spin-off’ effort for the engineering school, and in addition to making new soil, we are breaking new ground! 

Civil Engineering student gets an internship for WSDOT’s Bridge Design Office

Chase Weeks received a position as a paid intern for WSDOT’s Bridge and Structure’s Office in Tumwater, WA. Dr. Bijan Khaleghi, State Bridge Engineer, offered his students an opportunity to apply. The duties required are to update the Span Capability Charts for all Girder types of the DOT designed bridges and to check loading ratings for the new paving train. The internship lasts until April 15, 2018. Congratulations, Chase!

SMU Engineering students attend the 2017 ASBI Conference in New York City

The American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) holds an annual national confrence and invites AASHTO, subcomittee members, State Agencies, and the bridge community to discuss, and share new innovations, products, and construction methods as industry professionals. ASBI granted Dr. Khaleghi two sponsorships to send his students to this prestigious event. Dr. Khaleghi awarded those sponsorships to Micaylla O’Leary and William Miller. The 2017 ASBI Conference was held at the Mariott Marquis in Times Square, New York City, where the Bayonne Bridge, connecting New Jersey to Staten Island, was showcased.

Fall 2017 Dean’s List

Each semester, the Hal and Inge Marcus School of Engineering publishes its Dean’s List, recognizing students who excelled academically.  The criteria include earning a 3.5 GPA, carrying a full-time credit load, and not dropping any classes.  About 20% of students in engineering and computer science earn this honor each semester. In Fall 2017, 67 students from HIMSE were recognized on the Dean’s List.  Six of them earned perfect 4.0 GPAs. The Dean’s List is posted in the foyer of Cebula Hall, and not shared electronically due to privacy concerns. Congratulations to these outstanding students!

Engineers to Europe

Dr. Jill Walsh has organized a class this spring semester on “Structures of Swiss Engineers.”  The class will focus on significant engineering structures created by Swiss engineers. Classroom sessions will study David Billington’s extensive work on structural engineering as art and the works of Swiss engineers. This includes the development of Robert Maillart’s use and understanding of concrete that lead to his graceful concrete bridges. The thin concrete shells of Heinz Isler, steel bridges of Othmar H. Ammann and the elegant modern bridges of Christian Menn will also be examined. The semester will culminate with a trip to Switzerland to view some of these structures.

Camino Santiago pilgrimage

Last fall, Dean Olwell and his wife walked a portion of the Camino Santiago pilgrimage trail in northern Spain.  This was their third time on the Camino, and brings their total pilgrim miles walked to over 500.   The modern civil engineering of the rail system and highways, with their graceful bridges and tunnels, contrasted sharply with the Roman-era and medieval bridges and road remnants that they (along with millions of other pilgrims over the last 1200 years – including Prof. Jim Harmon) actually walked across, as well as the enduring classical buildings and cathedrals. 

EAB Engineering Scholarship Fund

With the leadership of Mr. Brian Zeigler, president of the Engineering Advisory Board (EAB), and Mr. Terry Monaghan, long time member of the EAB, the EAB has established an endowed fund for the Dean to support engineering students with acute, short-term financial needs.  The fund was announced at the 2017 Gala in honor of Mr. Monaghan's 80th birthday.  The fund currently has over 100,000 dollars and the target is half a million dollars.  These funds will be used to help engineering and computer science students who have financial impediments to success.  Donations are still being gratefully accepted.  To donate, please contact the Dean, Dr. David Olwell or Katie Wojke.

Call for Civil Engineering Mentors

Dr. Floraliza Bornasal and Dr. Jill Walsh are looking for professional mentors for the Civil Engineering Senior Design course.  Many civil engineering undergraduates have limited experience with their field.  Mentors provide a link between academia and practice in the field.  In addition to assisting students with their design projects, mentors can meet with students to talk about mentors' careers and personal experiences that led them into the engineering career, helpful tips for starting a career, companies' work cultures and expectations for new hires, and any other topics of interest. Past mentors have averaged about two hours each month with their students, but the time commitment is established by each mentor.  If you are interested in becoming a professional mentor to civil engineering undergraduate students, please contact Dr. Floraliza Bornasal.

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