As the social science that explains competitive behavior in the marketplace, economics underlies all business activity. Economics also looks at alternative strategies for allocating scarce resources.

Program highlights

  • What to expect at Saint Martin's

    The economic program at Saint Martin’s provides student with a broader understanding of the social role of business in a market economy. Non-business and non-accounting students are encouraged to further their understanding of the field of economics.

  • Career paths

    Study in economics prepares graduates for a variety of professional environments including:

    • Banking
    • Retail
    • Government and non-government organizations
    • Public Utilities
    • Insurance
    • Sales

    For a complete list of professional applications, visit "What Can I Do With This Major?". For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center


  • 15-16 semester hours of foundation courses
  • 12 semester hours of required courses

Undergraduate catalog

  • Foundation courses (15-16 semester hours)
    MTH 161
    MTH 171
    Mathematical Methods for Business and Social Sciences
    Calculus I
    MTH 201Introduction to Statistics
    ECN 201Principles of Microeconomics
    ECN 202Principles of Macroeconomics
    BA 305Business Communications