Business Administration at Saint Martin's University is a dynamic business program that emphasizes real-world application and integrates the separate functional areas of business. Students in this program learn and practice general management skills, discover the need for ethical decision-making and acquire functional business area expertise while working closely with faculty members.

Program Highlights

  • Emphasis on internships
  • Business-specific career and internship fairs held on campus each semester
  • Faculty members are both educators and business professionals
  • Small class sizes and one-on-one mentoring with faculty
  • Extra-curricular activities, competitions and networking opportunities
  • 4+1 dual degree program: qualified students earn bachelor's and MBA in 5 years
  • A rigorous yet supportive educational environment
  • Exposure to all functional areas of business and economics
  • Well-rounded, liberal arts education

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  • 4+1 dual degree program

    Qualified students earn bachelor's and MBA in 5 years

    In Fall 2012 Saint Martin's University School of Business created an academic program specifically for Business Administration and Accounting students who want to continue their education and complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree.

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  • Research, internships, and study abroad
    • Proximity to the Washington state capital allows for access to quality internship opportunities
    • H&R Block, Enterprise, local CPA firms
    • Study abroad opportunities tied specifically to business curriculum in countries such as Germany, South Korea and Japan
    • 35-40% of students are offered a job at their internship site
  • Career paths

    There are diverse opportunities for students majoring in business administration. Careers in this field include:

    • Project management
    • Operations management
    • Customer services
    • Employee and operations supervision
    • Recruiting/Staffing
    • Consulting

    For a complete list of professional applications, visit "What Can I Do With This Major?". For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center



  • 21-22 semester hours of foundation courses
  • 27 semester hours of common professional component courses
  • 9-18 semester hours of concentration courses

Undergraduate catalog

  • Foundation courses (21-22 semester hours)
    MTH 161Mathematical Methods for Business and Social Sciences or MTH 171
    MTH 201Introduction to Statistics
    ECN 201Principles of Microeconomics
    ECN 202Principles of Macroeconomics 
    ACC 201Principles of Accounting I
    ACC 202Principles of Accounting II
    BA 225Business Law


  • Common professional component (27 semester hours)
    BA 300Principles of Finance
    BA 302Applied Quantitative Business Techniques
    BA 305Business Communications
    BA 320Operations Management
    BA 330Marketing
    BA 335Organizational Management
    BA 350Business and Society: Ethics and Responsibility
    BA 420International Business and Global Economics
    BA 499Business Strategy


  • Concentration courses (9-18 semester hours)

    Must select one with a maximum of two concentrations permitted:

    AccountingACC 301: Intermediate Accounting
    ACC 302: Intermediate Accounting
    ACC 353: Managerial Cost Accounting
    EconomicsBA311: Money, Banking and Financial Institutions
    ECN 325: The Evolution of Economic Thought
    ECN 371: Econometrics
    ECN 375: Cost-Benefit Analysis
    ECN 395: Special Topics in Economics
    ECN 410: Public Finance
    FinanceBA311: Money, Banking and Financial Institutions
    BA 315: Investment Analysis
    BA 395: Special Topics in Finance
    ECN 410: Public Finance
    BA 435: Corporate Finance
    ManagementBA 302: Applied Quantitative Management Techniques
    BA 303: Labor/Management Relations
    BA 340: Human Relations in Management
    MarketingBA 344: Integrated Marketing Communications
    BA 355: Management of the Sales Force
    BA 395/495: Special Topics in Marketing
    BA 431: Market Research and Consumer Behavior



  • 12 semester hours of foundation courses
  • 12 semester hours of professional component courses